Saturday, September 27, 2003

september 27, 2003
military e-mail
guess who i spent the afternnon with? drew carey! spent most
of the afternoon walking around the palace and the rest of the post
just talking with him and others from the cast, taking pictures
(he brought his own camera as well). it was sort of low key and there
wasnt a whole lot of people around except for some of the stops we
made. what a cool day!!! gave him my card and told him if he wants
more photos of the troops (or a good hr person) to drop me an
e-mail(LOL!) anyway, the big event of this week was dreaming of
you! you were right by my side when i needed you and it felt so
good! like you, i count the days until we can be together. it can be torture
but i keep telling myself the day will come. yes, cross your fingers
about my home date. it means i will be closer to you even though
you will be in ***. i want everything to be just right for you when you arrive
so i want so badly to get home first. they are cleaning and collecting
gasmasks today so i'm hoping that means they might think (or someone does)
that we might get out of here. anyway, watch the drew carey show and tell
your friends your husband spent time with him in iraq!LOL! he is a very cool
guy and the afternoon turned out great. i got to meet 'mimi' from the show
and she posed for some funny shots so you just have to see those when
you get home (our new home!) drew uses a 35mm camera too and said he just
hasnt made the switch to digital. i'm the same way i guess. i'll buy a good old
fashioned 35mm.(since you already have a good digital camera)
well, better send this, they say the net is going up and down.
thanks for being there for me babe. i love you so much (youre in my dreams
now, we're truly connected) miss you soooo bad...love...m
and i want to be in your arms so bad! ouch, just the pain of
being apart can eat at you! i belong to someone now and its
such a warm feeling. dont forget i'm yours now and it means a lot
to me that you know that. i'm still telling people about us and i'm so proud
to have you by my side. you were/are the prettiest girl i knew in high school
and i never forgot you, never. then we meet again. babe, i just want
you to know youre the greatest and i will "serve and protect" you to the end.
my dreams have come true but i will be happiest when we are together!
i know in my heart this is the big one, my soulmate has arrived after all
these years and you have no idea how happy you have made me feel
and how you have helped me survive this crazy screwed up war.it's
funny, no matter who i talk to, (i talked to both a general and a colonel today)
they all agree with me when it comes to certain things about this war. well,
better send this, ( i have lost so many notes to you because the net went down)
love...m...ps, had a great day off! caught a buzz LOL! slept late, spent most of
the afternoon w/ drew carey and others (see military mail) love you babe
(god i am one lucky dude LOL!)

Friday, September 26, 2003

september 26,2003
hey babe! have had a hard time getting to the pc
and or online but i made it through tonight! you were
in my dream last night and it was almost like really being together!
i worried some because you always dream of me but i can never remember
my dreams or they are just about places. there are people in my dreams but
i never know them. anyway, i was so happy to see you! we were
renting an apt. together and at first you werent there,
but when i signed the lease w/ the landlord you were there.
you were right by my side! god, how i long for you! i know
waiting sucks but i cant help but have faith we will be together
some day soon. by the way, i have a day off tomorrow and drew carry
is coming to visit tomorrow. he used to be in the marines when i was
in. i doubt he will remember me though lol! but i'm going to try to get
some pics w/him. well, sorry babe, its another short letter because
i brought a friend w/me and its getting crowded in here again.
i loved talking on the phone, no limits and no one waiting!
someday we will have that time and the world will be 'just us'.
i love you so much you have no idea! i will be the best husband
you ever had and dont forget i belong to you now (and only you LOL!)
love m...p.s. i'll try again later if i can get a ride
to the office where i used to work...

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

september 24,2003
and you know i love you babe! cant get over it, us
meeting again. the net is real slow tonight, but that figures
(no one is in here using the computers!) may not be able to
e-mail everyday but i will get a message out when i can.
i still have no idea what is going on with our unit but i guess i
will find out soon enough. my schedule keeps changing so that really
throws me as far as getting around goes.
it was so nice to be able to talk to you last week. like you, i
found we really do 'click' and i cant wait to be with you in person!
i keep looking at your photos and youre the same pretty girl
i knew decades ago LOL! you havent changed much (maybe you think so)
and thats something i know about. i have an old photo of you in my album
standing next to ***s car with ***. that was the car she tried to grow
plants in the back window (what a flake!) i just started and now
everyone decides to come in the tent. i guess another letter to my love
cut short. net is so slow, i've got to let someone check thier e-mail.
if it wasnt so slow i could spend more time on my message.
oh well, such is life in the military. we share everything, wait in
line for everything, (the only person i want to wait on is you!)
i cant wait to be home with you. (you will never hear me complain
about anything after this shit LOL!) i waited almost a half hour
in the chowline tonight and then i was so happy to see no one in
here! but no such luck, (the net is 5 to 10 minutes per page!)
love you babe, i cant wait to wait on you, i'll never say hurry up
when you are in the bathroom LOL!like i sed babe, no complaining
after this, ever! well, better run, i want to let someone on the pc
(i'm so nice LOL! maybe i am too nice sometimes but it seems to
work for me.) love you babe, your husband...love...m

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

september 23,2003
me too babe! you have gone from girlfriend to fiance to wife and i
just love it! like you, i can wait but lets hope for both our sake the
wait isnt long. i just have to be with you and all this talk of extended tour
is killing me! i dont think they have any thoughts or cares about us over here
to wreck so many lives this way. i have a life (and a wife!) and its time to go home!
they are hurting so many people this way, i just cant understand it!
its changed my outlook on things, life, etc... i think of you day and night
now and i suppose that does not help much (like having a juicy steak just out of reach)
i will wait until i get home before the hatemail goes out. there is just
no excuse what they are doing to us (keeping us here like this). anyway, my
situation is wierd. they have changed my job. ( i can still use the pc at the old
job but times will differ). and they told us we may get a different mission soon.
of course no one knows anything about it. youre so thoughtful to send mail to both
my accounts. on this pc at my friends office/tent, the military account is what i can
get to but at the contracters office i can get the ***account.(your such a smart girl!)
you know now there is another charm on the way (i wont tell you what kind!LOL)
but i have to tell you because i would never want it to fall out or get lost. the charms
represent what we value and like most so we add to it as we go along in life.
they also represent my love for you (LOL! you know that!) well, ive got to run now
(boohoo), i want my old pc back! in my own room, something i dont have to share
(except with you!) i'll get back when i can. love you babe, thanks for sticking
with me (i'll make it up to you a million times!) love you babe...(cant wait to
really be with you!) love...m

Sunday, September 21, 2003

september 21st,2003
hi babe! back at work in baghdad. love you so much!
sent an e-mail (more to follow..LOL!)...love...
your future husband...love...m

Friday, September 19, 2003

thank you for being there for me!
still in transit. i might have lost my internet connection at home base
so dont worry if you dont hear from me. i'll find a pc somehow
and keep in touch. all the talk, news and rumours say phase 3 for me
but i hope is not true. love you so much babe! someone is waiting
to use this pc so i have to go but you're with me always and i'm with you.
dont sweat the news, we'll see the next season together!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

snailmail (edited)
greetings my love! i dont even know what day it is! (is that bad or what?)
thats just how life is here. like you, excuse my sloppy handwriting. i'm
sitting in a truck (how do you do it?) it's so hot, i could just shit. got
your letters the other day! this is not easy, writing in a truck!
day 2, sitting at a checkpoint. we stop and check vehicles before they
enter the area. hey! found out what day it is, august 31st, sunday.
the days run together here, half the guys dont know what day it is
(i know because when i ask they admit they dont knowLOL!)
my printing still sucks. i'm sitting in a dirty dusty foxhole, god
i hate it here! just knowing that i'll get a week in germany
keeps me going (and knowing we will be together of course!)
it's a zoo here now, everyone seems to come through at
the same time. enclosed is a photo of my company. can you find
me? haha theres only *** of us!
same day, but i'm in the 'green room', also known as the morale, health
and welfare room. this 'mwr' room is noisy and the tv is way too loud.
another day of escort duty but no one shot at us. i'm running again,
i have a 'PT' test next month so i will try to run everyday if i can.
i prefer to swim and lift light weights but we dont have that here!
thats why re-joining the YMCA will be one of the first things i do.
it's official, we will be home***. they are watching NASCAR
on tv here, its always sports or porn with these guys, they would
laugh if i requested seinfeld or news. you wont have a husband
who sits in front of the tv belching and drinking cheap beer.
i cant believe these guys are watching NASCAR. its just cars going
in a circle over and over and over. golf is worse, ( i would rather watch
paint dry!) i also want you to know not only do i count the days
until i get home but i also count the days until we will be together,
now that it is official that we are planning to get married one of
our first steps will be a visit to the mall for a ring. not a cheap one
either. i am not a 'material' guy (just look at the car i drive) but
when we visit friends and family i want them to see a real ring.
i cant wait till i can get home and be on 'real time' with you.
i can phone you and we can always yahoo. i will start looking
for a place as soon as i get home, we should at least
have a place that has room for a garden and maybe an extra room
for computers, tv, chilling out, etc. i have my degree and a good work
history so i'm not real worried (at the worst i could always do what
i've done before, but driving a truck or going back in the military
is only if we are starvingLOL!) you should be very employable,
you speak two languages, you also are good with kids so you have
a lot of options wherever you live.
rely on snailmail from now on, (we will move to a base with computers
in mid to late***.) the pc's are falling apart where i go now
and the net is up and down here at 'camp victory'. i will still
get to my e-mail but if you dont hear from me on the net, dont worry,
you are still on my mind all the time! my working out time will cut into
my internet time anyway (and they keep changing my hours). i'll
call and e-mail from germany.
well, thats it for now, i know that as soon as i close this i will remember
something i wanted to say. one thing i know that i want to say
is that i have fallen in love with you, i want you to know its only
you in my life and i cant wait until we're together and can have a real life!
i'm so glad things worked out as they have, both of us could live really
well and fate or luck or karma has been good to us. i'm trying to stay safe here,
for you and not some dumb mission for the suits and powers that be.
you outrank the army (and everyone else) i love you babe!
thanks for hanging in there for me, i cant believe you have been with me
all this time (others are getting divorced!) i love you babe!...m

Friday, September 12, 2003

september 12, 2003
i'm here babe, in***. got a buzz on, like you i am stressing
a little trying not to think about having to stay in baghdad
longer (because of reserve/ guard extensions). i'll hang here
for a few days then go to***. i'll try phoning you when i get back
to my room. we'll yahoo tomorrow, i can't get an *** connection
on this pc. i'll keep this e-mail short, only because i downed a couple
beers and have to piss real bad. cant figure out this german
keyboard! ICH SPRECHE KLIENA DEUTCH! will try
yahoo tomorrow...love...m... love you babe, dont get too drunk,
we'll get through this. yes we hit a small bar but i'm exhausted...
ich bin mude! so i'm going to take a shower and sleep and phone you later.
what's the best time to call? your future husband...

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

no, havent made it yet, stuck at camp doha,
(flying out ***night). i'll e-mail you when i get a chance.
(better send this, the net is flaky here). love...you...m

Monday, September 01, 2003

august 3,2003 snailmail
greetings babe! going to germany! just in time for
oktoberfest! i am scheduled for the end of the month but
i may pick an earlier date depending on who is on the trip.
sorry about the e-mail thing, i just got sick and tired of
walking up there and find the net was down or sgt. was busy blogging.
i will find a pc soon. i was going to buy a laptop but i'll wait
till i get home. (they have connections for us now). another unit has
pc's we can use but like before, i hate waiting in line and then losing
my text because the connection goes down. i'll mail you from germany,
they have plenty of internet cafes. i'll enjoy some coffee and yahoo w/you!
well, right now i am sitting here waiting to go to work. its a cluster fuck
as usual. we wait for the iraqis we are going to escort and vips
that have to go here and there. like i said, i am fairly safe.
when i see people with guns and rocket launchers i just wave
at themLOL! most iraqis are pretty cool. too bad they are so poor,
seems we could do more for them but we'd rather build bombs we will
never use. my guys are always the last in. i've got to take time
to visit thier homes, i am just so worn out at the end of the day.
i am gaining some weight babe! everwhere you go they offer you
food and even if you dont want to pay for it they want you to eat it anyway.
well, the trucks are starting to roll in, maybe mine is in line, i better break off this
letter for now. i'll write more when i get back...love you babe...m

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