Friday, November 28, 2003

i love you too babe! love your poem! all i can think about is our bodies
together when ever we want.you know it makes me sick that we are apart.i
my true love and im stuck in hell.i want to be with you babe,forever.ive
it so bad for you now.i remember your long sexy body like it was yesterday!
youll always be pretty in my eye(that shit doesnt wear off,even w/ageLOL!)
well,gotta run(had to respond to your poem,it touched me so!god,i love you!
cant wait till were in each others arms.i already know what ill say at our
wedding(that i never want to be further than arms reach from you,ever!)love
you babe...your husband!..ps...ill mail when i can but i have a new shift now
so it may be far and few between but ill always have you on my mind!...
same night:
hello babe!good news ,bad news.they changed my shift(bad news,its eve
shift)good news,its right across the street from here(my post)if i can get
someone to stand in, i can run over here and send e-mail.im glad your okay
w/the e-mail thing.if everyone is busy i might not mail for days(or even
weeks).i miss you bad but i have my treats
too! some guy just*** and i have other
republican freinds of mine are backing ***/
if he can just get through the primaries he can whip***(at
least with the military vote!)im afraid those sissy liberal demos wont back
him,however.i love you soooo much babe for sticking with me and your words
of encouragement keep me going in this hell-hole.my guess is we'll be
arriving state side about the same time so dont spend to much time at
mothers LOL!ill need you in*** if
our unit is delayed by the ***(who said they could ***
anyway?)my every thought now is on our future(and some good ***,of
courseLOL!)better send now babe,my friend is waiting for me at the new
*** post they decided they just "have to have". love you so much(tell your
friend ***i said hello and he is more than welcome in***...miss
you...your future husband...m...

Thursday, November 20, 2003

thanks babe!i needed to hear that.the base is getting crowded and the phone
situation is a mess.i doubt i will get a call out to you simply because of
the long wait at the phones and time limit involved.20 minutes is not
enough time to make the call worthwhile(it would take ten minutes just to
connect)some guys get up in the middle of the night to make their calls and
still wait an hour or two.i need my sleep at my age and simply cant bear
the thought of waiting in line just to have the phones go down anyway,(like
what happened last night)i have e-mail and am very lucky these guys let me
in the office after hours to use it.after chow it will get crowded in here
again as people return.if my hours change,i may not get to send you e-mail
at all.hang in there,someday we will be together and i dont want to
seperate from you ever again.this is killing me,im not going through it
again.by the way,i may have you access my bank account by phone
because for some reason ***for security reasons.they have a web page but
have never been able to gain access.for example,dont waste your money
on anti-viris programs... ive had
friends who are pretty good hackers tell me that anti-virus programs are a
scare tactic to rip people off. most transactions are encrypted so there is
little or no risk involved when using basic e-mail.oh well,humans are human
i guess,they are always afraid of something(theres a sucker born every
minuteLOL)ill send you ***(like i said,phone use here is straight from hell.there
is one here in the office but there are people waiting in line to use it
right now)well,speaking of chow,i had better send.i love you so much babe
for being with me through these trying times.please dont panic if you dont
hear from me for awhile(it just means i cant get to the e-mail)love you
soooooo much babe...your husband...m...

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

hi babe!im here,all is well(i guesslol)i bought your "rolex"today.i dont
know if ill send it or wait to give it to you(or just wait until after the
rush and send itLOL)i get away from the check point from time to time when
someone can "cover"me and i can get a ride)i have an iraqi lady who cooks
for me now,its a great break from the army food.she makes her own
bread,grows her own veggies and has farm raised chickens.she comes by the
check point w/her husband and the cutest little girl ive ever seen.the guys
really "dote" on her(the kid)she must have a car full of gifts and candy by
now.its a holiday for the muslims here so everyone is exchanging
gifts and the like.i really miss my other duties and my iraqi friends.i
see them from time to time but its not the same.i am meeting new people all
the time and perhaps i can buy some things from the baghdad market now with
out going myself.anyway,i went to the range the other day and shot
well,considering the conditions(dust,
etc)i ejected a few rounds by accident(im not used to feeding a mag
into an open chamber like they want you to do on the ranges or i would have
had a perfect score)shit...still out scored anyone in my squadLOL)spend
most of my time thinking of you though babe,it has a soothing effect on
me.finding you has made my life again and for that i owe you big time.i
know how hard this would have been w/out you waiting at the end.yes,the
pages are still slow but not as slow as befor so send your mail!its just a
shame i that i have all these pcs to myself now but cant make it in to send
e-mail.maybe duties will lighten up after a while,hope so.well,better send
now while i can.had wanted this to be a longer letter but i want to catch a
ride to eve chow w/the folks here.its getting chilly here as well(glad i
have the day shift)were so much alike i cant believe it.well have such a
good time (in all waysLOL)when we do get together.we got an extension
but i get the feeling were only a
*** away from going home.rumour has us leaving here in
***and leaving doha in ***so we could be in *** by
***(so cross your fingers)love you babe(you know now i think about you all
the time,your my life now)...love....your husband...m

Friday, November 14, 2003

hi babe! im back! the yahoo pc is still down, and the
other occupied so i will have to wait for another day
for that (boohoo!) had weapons inspection last night so
that fouled me up for getting any e-mail out to you. i did
warn you my e-mails would be far and few between simply
because of our hectic schedule now ( i hope it lets up!) the
guys were floored by your long letter, frickin unreal! im
so proud of you babe! you write so often and youre so pretty!
i feel so guilty about not sending snailmail after your letters
arrive. we went to the market today to buy our watches at
lunchtime but the guy was a no show. i have some other
locals i can check with later, ( i want us to have those
matching fake rolexes real bad lol!) anyway, my day does not
really allow me to get much snailmail out, i start at ***a.m.
and dotn get back till ***or***p.m. i go to chow and a bit
of down time in my hideout and back to the barracks to clean
up and take care of some chores. by that time i'm ready for bed.
(or sometimes watch a bit of movies with the guys or listen to
some of the tunes you sent). they dont like it when we read or write
on duty but some guys do it anyway. our checkpoint is so busy now it
would be hard to pull it off anyway. i did manage to get some stamps
though!) by the way, several of the guys have teddy bears sent from
home. our teddy will be well taken care of. i havent been back to the barracks
yet today but they say your package is waiting for me. i'll get some snailmail
out to you i promise! i feel i can tell you more that way anyway.
back to the subject at hand, i love your letters! youre so right on the mark.
i have the same feelings for you and see things going just the way you do!
i miss you babe! love...m...p.s. i was talking now and got scolded for not
sending you snailmail, "excuses..." she said, the girl at the other desk.
well, i will write a little everyday now that i have a notebook from you...

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

november 9,2003
hi babe! i got a long letter from you today, (its here in my
pocket). they told me this morning to get off the truck, i
have the day off! thats the way things work around here,
its so 'fly by night' when it comes to doing things. dont
worry about me.. i dont miss the winters in***, i have
managed to avoid them for years. i will start mailing things home,
we have *** days to go but we start to demobe ***... i hate the
idea of leaving baghdad for that awful camp doha...
lets get married as soon as we can and have the wedding
when we get settled. i will make this letter short, i want to check the
news. you know you fill my thoughts day and night now. i
love you babe and long for the day i can say ***!
love...your husband....m...

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

hi babe! its official, they are keeping us until***.
it hurts me i cant make it home before you. i wanted
so bad to have everything ready for you. i dont want to scare you
but they may keep us longer than that. its not the***'s fault,
its the crock of shit called***. anybody who spends time here
and*** should have thier head examined! anyway, e-mail
and snailmail will be few and far between until after the
holidays. the phone lines are unreal long. im sorry to sound so
negative. im so thankful i got you. thats all that matters now.
i have had it with the military though babe. its not worth the
pensions and benefits to endure this crap (at any rank).
dont fret if you dont hear from me, with everyone leaving
for r&r many of us are doing double duty shifts with no days
off (and they wonder why they cant keep people in). they
are trying to tempt me with increased rank but its just not
worth it. i was talking to a *** in the chowline the other day
and he said even with just *** to go until retirement from
active duty he is getting out. he has a family and feels its
just not worth the benefits. i love you so much for sticking by me.
i cant believe the graffiti about*** in the porta-potties...
better send now...love you...m

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

november 4,2003
hi babe! they have moved. nice place, i have the
whole room to myself and the net is fast here, (they must
have plugged into the civilian side of phoneland!lol!)
bad news, it is a very long walk from my barracks. i am
so glad you are patient with the e-mail and snailmail,
i need to start some snail mail day by day like you but
its such a rough environment for writing and the like, except
maybe in the evening hours before 'lights out'. you dont have to
send anything warm (not yet anyway LOL) but its getting cooler.
guys are leaving on r&r so im getting stuck with some night duty.
as long as i am not on patrol or guard tower duty i may be able
to write some. i yelled 'three am and alls well' early one morning
from the guard tower and soon everyone started yelling but
we got some complaints so we dont do it anymore.lol! i love your
mails and im so glad we at least have e-mail. the phones are
a mess. some guys get up real early just to go stand in line.
i will try to call soon but if i cant i will at least try to send you
an e-mail. i got another letter from you today! i love your letters
and save them till the end of the day reading them in bed. you
have kept me so alive here, like you, i long for the day we can
start our new lives together! we have so much in common,
its a dream come true and you will soon be in my arms!
well, better send, i cant bear to lose this! i will write more
(i promise) and i will get to the e-mail when i can. be patient if you
dont hear from me, you are always in my mind and heart. i love you
so much for being there for me. i love your kind words, i dont know
how i would have made it without you (through this hell 'of sorts').
love you babe! your husband...m

Monday, November 03, 2003

hi babe! its so frustrating, i wrote you a long letter on my
mil. account and it wouldnt send! i long for my own pc, it was so
fast. remember it takes 5 to 10 minutes just to go to another page!
of course i want everyone to know i am getting married, its a dream
come true, the girl i lusted for all these years has 'popped' back into
my life and i feel like the luckiest person in the world! you have kept
me going through all this hell and im not sure how i would have handled it
without your kind words and love. i will devote my life to you! anyway, watch
the news, rumours are flying over here, some say we are going home soon
but the command says not until ***or***. ************************
there are a few iraqis who claim to like him but i boo and hiss at the mention
*****************************. i am telling everyone to vote democrat,
the reps. suck at running our nation and i think people are coming to
terms with that. let me know if you hear anything news wise.
love you babe...your husband...m
ps, the people who let me use the pc's are moving to a new place so there
may be a delay while they set up in a building. they are in a tent now so
i'm sure they will welcome the change. i will mail as soon as i can.

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