Wednesday, January 28, 2004

hi babe!
yes,we're here!only **** and we will demobe in *** after a
short break at home.i should be able to stay in touch(they now have a cyber
cafe w/yahoo and starbucks hereLOL!)i transfered *** to c`~s
account some time ago but check on that. i got
to read your letters this a.m.!how relieved i am to know you feel the same
way i do.i’m the close type too!i love the idea of just going places and
holding hands or just sitting in front
of the fireplace.c. does have a nice place and
says her and her mom will go out of their way to give us some space.we have
two rooms and her mom never leaves her room(youll like ma.)c. works nights so i have a feeling
we will have plenty of space.we will still track on renting our own place
and with my g.i. bill we will be able to buy a home at some point in time.i'm
glad we touch bases on those issues.we’re going to make a great team,no
doubt!like you,im easyLOL!but that will work!this will be a big change for
you(more so than me).your stale traditional blah-blah marriage has taken a
toll on you,i know but now you have a man that you have control over and
will protect and provide for you ,as well.i hope that works.for me,its a
dream come true.the one girl i was most in love with years ago has come
back into my life!you can understand how devoted i am to being yours.you
should also know i dont stray.even my
worst enemies would back me on that oneLOL!yes,we’ll have a big
party(somewhere/and soon)and it can be a party/wedding type reception as
well.like you said,i vote we get hitched as soon as we can and save the
parties until we are settled in,etc.well,a line is forming babe so i
better send.at least i know we can talk and i’m almost home!(so are
you!LOL)im safe here and we’ve little to do so i count the days until we
join forces.we get a lot of"looks"here.we’re dirty and we have special
forces and combat patches on so i guess a lot of people wonder who we
areLOL!let them wonder!a captain jumped off the side walk the other day to
get out of my way.i would have saluted but i didnt get a chance(we dont look
that scaryLOL!)oops,better send(the line is getting longerLOL)love...your

Monday, January 26, 2004

hi babe!we’re in doha!!!!!(just got in)i love you so much(wish i had time to
read your letters but we just got in and this place closes soon).love you
babe,miss you so bad.you're all i think about now.i've never really felt this
way in my life. i’ll read your mail and write later
when i have time!love...your husband...m...

Sunday, January 25, 2004

hi babe!i love you.got to read some of your letters.yes,we are a perfect
(thats what makes the waiting such torture)i've waited all my life for you
cant even touch you!it breaks my heart.never have i ever hurt so bad
live for the day we’re together.im going to try and pull up your mil. e-mail
one more time,love you babe...your husband...m...ps...ill always look
after you and protect you!its just my way.i do think of you as the leader
type and you’ll call a lot of the shots in our relationship but i will always
protect and provide for you,lordy how i love you!ill always be yours(we
know that in our bones)better send!love you!

same night
hi babe!i got your army mail pulled up!well have so much fun together!you
know what i like!i like the mental stuff as well as the outside things so
there will never be a dull moment.we can horse-play when we are bored and
we can find so many other things we will do well together.you are my match
made in heaven and if i seem stressed its not so much this place but its
not being with you.how i lusted after you in hs and now we are almost
together.keep planning your"homecoming".mail what you can though(you dont
really want to pay for stuff stateside)between what i have at c’s and
what you have in *** we should be sitting pretty good.yes,some stuff we
will have to send from abroad(i have not found that mail is too costly,here
anyway)and some stuff we will purchase together when we are side by side as
we very well belong.i hope you dont mind but i’m the kind of guy who wants
to be your side always!well,these are the last e-mails i will send to
you.i'll try from *** but dont count
on it(the place is so crowded!)i will let you know as soon as i get
home but i will shut down with *** and sleep the few days i have
off.ill make contact with you,rest and then prepare for your
arrival...love...your husband...m...ps...answer my mail,tell them who
you are and whats going on with me,etc.stay in touch w/c.she knows
youre calling the shots as far as we’re are concerned,love you...your
husband...m...(did i say that once before? lol...ps...hang in there,ill
e-mail from doha if i can

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

hi babe!yes,youre doing the right thing by seeking help(and you have it!)
c. will be a big help if you do arrive early and i hope to be home in late
***.we are done packing and some people are leaving for *** now.we
should spend only a few weeks there at the most and maybe a week in ***.if we
leave here at the end of *** that puts me home around the first of
*** at the latest.demobe should only take a week or so and rumour has it we
will be allowed to go home during that time.i think they know they cant keep
an infantry battalion locked down for any length of time.we would tear the camp up for
sure and maybe worse.it is strange about your ex.it sounds strange but
treat this like a tactical operation.get your friends in line,study the moves of
your"enemy".move things out in secret.make your big move when he is not
around.cover your tracks.brief your friends so they know what to say when
he comes looking,etc.i have friends in *** who help women leave their
abusive husbands or partners so i do know a few things on the subject.keep
where you are going a secret.dont fail to alert police if he tries to meet
you at the airport,etc.planning is key and share no information w/him or
others who may be on his side.ive stopped writting as well.i will try to keep
in touch via e-mail when i can but they are keeping us very busy here.i am
resting whenever again.as you might know,i am a mental wreck now,exhausted
from this war.i just want to go home and be with you.its what i live
stupid letter from your ex just confirms what youve told me.what an
think for one minute i would leave you just because he wants you.what a
joke.but stupid people like that are not to be trusted so keep an eye on
and remember what i said about being"tactical". surprise gives one such an
advantage.when your marbles are all lined up and the"enemy"is not looking
you make your move.i dont know why im telling you this over and over
again,you said that is what you had in mind when you e-mailed me(your so
smartLOL!)anyway,i dont have time for yahoo everyday.today i promised i
help a guy w/his resume.he's a friend so i said yes but it sucks when people
come to you at the last minute and want something done.im not going to
operate that way when i get stateside(except when you want things done
babe,LOL!)people are going to wait on me,bigtime.im adopting the army way
doing things in some cases.if i have a job to do,for example,they are going
to get a "window",not an exact date.if they complain,they find some one
to do the job.im going to"out-source"my support.i'm tired of doing eveything
myself for many of my contract jobs.thats just one small example of some of
the changes im planning concerning my life.of course,a lot depends on what
you say and do.im not like your ex(or other men)i dont own or control
control each other through teamwork and mutual agreement.you'll find that i
will work towards making you happy,thats so important to me.i would never
worry about you leaving because you would want stay(unlike your current
situation)well,id better sign off.i may write or yahoo later this evening
i can finish this resume(i need to be working on my own resume!LOL)but i
wait(haste makes waste)im so laid back.i just dont understand why so many
people have to rush and have things done "now". i'm productive,thats what
matters.oh well,more on that subject later.love you babe...your

Sunday, January 18, 2004

hi babe!just a note to remind you to look at the web page.i love your photo
(your so pretty,im so lucky!)anyway,read my other e-mail.ill yahoo within
the next day or two(maybe a little earlier this time)i've rested some and i
have another day off.watch out for your ex.according to his letter its
obvious he still has a thing for you(though you said he has yet to prove
itLOL)anyway,keep an eye on him and plan around any problems(ie,keep things
a secret and make your move(s)when hes not around or at work)i dont know him
but i do know people can get real weird in certain situations.i'll try not to
worry,im sure you can handle things on that end.it would cost me some money
but i could arrange for some"very big people"to visit if need be.keep me
posted.anyway,like i said i will get back with you on yahoo within the
next day or two.love you so bad babe!wish we were together now,not later.life is
so cruel that way.i can only hope i never have to suffer like this
again.love...your husband...m...ps...start mailing now.c. is ready
for your stuff and the post office in .*** is prepared as well...

hi babe!i love you.cant yahoo tonight because its to busy in here now but
watch the time and yahoo you with-in the next day or two.yes,do all you can
with c. to take the stress off our return.i dont have the liberty to
communicate like you guys do,is all.i do have the extra money to take care of the little details and that makes me feel better.i cant believe we’re on
our way home.i hunger for you so bad babe,you have no idea.you're all i
about.i just want things to be so right for you.no snags,just bliss for the
one i love.i feel sorry for your ex.i hope he does not try anything
desperate.you know him better than me so i will try not to worry and let
handle that but i do have some advice.start packing now.mail and store your
things if need be.time your paper work.when he is at work plan your major
move out.keep an eye on him.ill write later...love...your husband...m...

hi babe!just as i suspected,the registered mail was from your"ex"husband.it
was short and said the same thing i've heard before.please dont take my
wife(girlfreind,whatever)from me(blah,blah blah).its sad really but its out
of my hands.im not rejecting someone i love based on the whims of another
person.unless you choose another man,i will never leave your side.my days
of"other women"are over.ive never even thought about other women since we
decided to be husband and wife.i feel sorry for your ex but doesnt he know
its over?i love you to death but i would never stand in your way if you
wanted to leave me.its just not my style.other people ive talked to feel
the same way.i told some of the guys in my unit about the letter and they
said"what a loser"i agree,he should let it go.anyway,watch out some because
people like that are not to be trusted.i suspect he's intercepted the last
few items i mailed you.its no big deal.the items are insured and i will buy
the same things for you when
you come stateside.yes,i hope to be home before you but they may torture
us some during demobe.some of the guys are already talking about walking or
picking fights but i dont recommend that(they could mess with our pay if we
leave post or beat up people)i would love to punch some of those people in
the rear right in nose(or knock down their gates)but i will resist the
temptation and keep my cool.i can get even with bad people on an individual
basis later if need be.its also legal ***so sometimes a
well placed note or phone call will set people straight.anyway,i know you
will handle things there well,if need be.im doing my best to rest and
relax.the medicine is killing my ***.all i have left is to
clean my teeth and you will have a flawless husbandLOL.not that you care
but i want to look my best for you,its a pride thing.i got rid of my belly
for you because if was just me i’d keep it LOL! well,i guess i'd better go.you
never know when this net here will
go down and i’ll lose another letter to you.you know i love you so much
babe(i love a good rub down,its heaven to me)i count the days...love...your

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

january 12,2004
this is our first time to have the chance to yahoo the entire time m. has been gone.
we had a few chances from germany (four months ago!)

m..are you there? sorry i missed you, there is no set time i can yahoo.
k.hi! i waited for you babe!
m. you made it, i was ready to close down.
k. oh so glad my love.
m. unreal...
k. thanks for trying before you shut down!...
m. you will have to wait on my typing. these laptops are so small
k. ok. how are you?
m. i’m tired, real tired...
k. come home!!!!!! i’m so tired of waiting!!! i love you so much!
m.i hope we will, i live for that day and we can be together. i feel the same way,
cant wait...not another friggin***months!!!
k. sux sux sux! oh m...i love you babe...
m. i hate this life, worse than ever. ( i cant take much more) i love you too babe...
k. life is gonna be so good when this is all over.
m. i live for that day when we are free and happy at home.
k. i love you more than words...
m.youre right! i try not to let it get me down but i have to be honest,
k. oh i know, honestly any place sucks if you are not next to me.
m.i’m doing what i can to prepare for our coming home but my hands are so tied here.
i miss you...
k. dont worry about a thing, i got the feeling everything will work out in our favor.
m. i know, talk to c., throw some ideas around.
k. okay, she is so sweet to me. we just have to get home and one day at a time after that.
m. money is no object. the more c. can help with things the easier on us it will be.
k. its so good to know we have a loving home waiting for us. i really appreciate your choice
of roommates!
m.yeah, youre right but there is so much to do. we will start on getting our own place from
the start,c.’s place will be our ‘camp doha’ lol!
k. hahaha. will you get some rest down there?
m. dont know, i doubt it. they wont let us sleep here. its just not ‘military to sleep i guess...
k. when you get stateside will they lock you in a demobe tank? you have to sleep!!!
m. like i said in my e-mail, may need a week or two to just sit and recharge. plenty of food,
plenty of downtime, but they wont let you sleep! i dont need much but i have to have it.
i’ve threatened to stop work if i dont get sleep.
k. oh babe, i wish i could do your duty for you.
m. its no ones fault, some of the guys bicker about it, time off hard to sleep in bay etc.
i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!lol!
k. i worry about you so much, its so important for your health to rest.
m. i dont think many of us would last much longer..
k. oh babe... i want to do all the things for you that you want and need to make you feel
whole and happy. i love you soooo much!
m. we will, i know. i lasted this long. you know i’ve waited decades for you, a few more
months... all the days blur together here. i dont even know what day it is.
k. do you work tonight?
m. no! i sleep tonight. i traded with a guy who wanted to watch football. you know how
much i love you. i’d give up everything to be by your side.
k. i love you till its coming out my ears! i would give up everything too babe!
m. yeah, but i just want to be with you. it is so hard being here without you. well, i must
sleep, better go babe.
k. ok, i want you to sleep! i love you so much!
m. think what we need when we get home. a new bed etc...
k. c. said there is a queen sized bed in the back bedroom.
m. but the mattress is used.
k. i would sleep on anything as long as you are there babe. no problem
m. oh well,maybe...
k. dont sweat the details, i’m easy. i worry about your health, thats my top priority.
m. youre right, i worry too much sometimes...slow me down with your loving ways.
it will work out, haste makes waste.
k. so true. remember your girl is a trooper.
m. i am still sick.
k. ohhh babe. it hurts so bad to hear youre sick!!!
m. yeah sick and tired of being sick and tired!lol! i cant seem to kick this cold but i know i can
once i am back in my room.
k. i will give you so much TLC, i live for it! you will be okay, i promise. love is the best
medicine, and sleeeep!!!!
m. okay, i am going to get some rest, they say this room is open every night. we can do
this more often. i will try again tomorrow or the next day.
k. sweet dreams my sweet husband!
m. i love you... better close now...bye babe
k. bye babe...
hi babe!ill try yahoo again before i leave.the net hasnt gone down once
tonight,thats a good sign.no,im not really the jealous type but i do state
mind from time to time.i had such a problem with my last two girlfreinds
about"other men"and certain things just come natural to me
(ie,like"dumping"themLOL!)ive never understood why people need so many
people.i guess its just me but one partner at a time is plenty.its
interesting that even now,in this enviroment,i dont even look at attractive
women.it sounds funny but i am really like that.even though we are yet to
together i would feel guilty even talking to a girl and not talking about
you.two women i know here visit myself and a couple of other guys in my
company from time to time and they know ive got a future wife.everybody
to know their place as friends and that works best,not giving in to every
little urge and having multiple partners.anyway,im not the type to watch
every move.i trust you babe or i never would have thought about marriage.i
remember i couldnt trust ***and*** and somehow that made them less
attractive to me.they just couldnt get it straight.i guess they figured
because i was attracted to them i would always lust after them.wrong!the
of them sleeping with other men while they are sleeping with me was a major
turn off.anyway,i know we’re alike in that way.at the same time though,i
never beg a girl to stay if she wants to leave.maybe thats why im not
now but thats just not my style(if you have to ask,it costs to much!).im
cold-hearted,just practicalLOL!well,i do have a night off and i need sleep
badly.i havent had any in the past three days.i try to eat well but there is
only one chow-hall here so sometimes i just go with out.im still sick with
cold and its obvious i wont be able to get rid of it untill i can get home
and really kick it.i will take a week or two off when i first get home to
heal and recharge.thats why the sooner we get home the better.i cant charge
my engines here.thats why leave is allowed in the army and so
important.others must feel the way i do.i will sit in my room for two
straight weeks,if need be.i wont go anywhere for any reason(except to
and use the rest room)and i will slowly recover.i will then venture out and
start getting things done.i will have food delivered to me in the mean
may only need a week and i hope i can time it before you arrive in
***.well,i better be going babe(ive got so much to tell you when we do
reach stateside)...love...your husband...m...

january 11,2003
hi babe!yeah,these pcs have yahoo but its to hard to use.the net comes up
and then goes down.it will be like this for some time just due to the flood
of troops to various areas.i am also getting very busy with"this and
that"so i wont be free to e-mail anymore.there’s also our move so if you
dont hear from me it may be because we are on our way to ***.i was so
frustrated the other day because two long e-mails to you were lost.thats
why i have to keep these short or i will lose them if the net goes
down.anyway,you know i live for the day we can be together.thats all i
think about.dont worry about yahoo,i know youre either sleeping or away but
i still try sometimes when the net is up.ive asked c. to start getting
ready for our return so there is less for us to do and worry about.stay in
touch with her and see if you can get some ideas bouncing around about how
we can best prepare for our return.
yes,i will be trashed and a mental wreck when i get home.it will take a
week or two for me to recover from this hell so i am praying i will get
home well before you have to leave ***.i love you so much babe,you know
i hate being apart and stuck in hell(thats what life is here,without
you,hell)...love...your husband...m...ps...reading a great book by al
franken"liars and the lies they tell(or something like that)...cant wait
until were together and can have a life...

hi babe!im back!yes,my e-mails will get fewer as people pull out for this
and that and we get stuck w/extra duty.at some point we will not have
e-mail so be patient and remember that i will get with you as soon as i
can.packed my bags today.well be out of here before the end of the
month(what a long,strange trip its been!)yes,i long for you but will just
have to wait(good things come to those who wait).the only way i'd want you
home before me is in the rare chance that we are stuck here but it looks
like we are on our way out for sure this time.yes,e-mail j.!poor kid
needs to know everything(i cant get to my *** but ill try again later)youre
my wife now,you should feel free to do what you want concerning us.i
suppose you will know more about what i mean when we are together in real
time and we can communicate like real humans.i dont type well enough to
really talk to you,i just peck away and hope my message will make it as
is.i belong to you now and i really feel strongly about
that.im the one who feels like you write sometimes.im so taken by you and
so in love with you that you could never upset me or turn me off.im not
fickle about things like so many others.anyway,something odd has happened.i
recieved a registered letter slip today that at first i thought was from
you(have you sent any mail or packages that would require a
signature?anyway i noticed it was your "old name"as you now use my name as
your own.i have not gone to pick it up due to my schedule and may not be
able to for some time.the post office can be a pain in the butt to deal
with(esp.now w/everybody moving about so)anyway,i thought you should
know.you might ask your"ex"if he did send a letter or something to me but
explain because it is registered i am unable to pick it up at the time.that
reminds me,have you recieved a card or box from me yet?(ill give my letter
more time)i sent those more than a month ago and they should have made it
by now.anyway,i will no longer snail mail you
so i wont worry about it.ill just wait untill we are together to get you
sweet things(and whisper sweet "nothings"in your earLOL!)i just want to be
with you babe.thats all i care about now and its what i live for.my mate at
last,in my arms!like you,i lust so it drives me crazy.life is so cruel.the
world can be a really horrible place and i feel niether one of us will be
safe and whole untill we are together.well,i better send.it takes so long
to open these pages id better start now if i want to try *** and make it to
chow...love...your husband...m...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

hi babe!couldnt log on to my mil. site so went w/***.good to have two
servers for that reason,alone.i know you have some messages there so i will
try to log on.the net is real slow tonight,took forever just to open your
letter here but it was so worth it!i love to read your sweet words,it makes
my day knowing we will be together someday.it will be a tough move so expect
that we will not have access to e-mail for sometime during the move.we are
getting closer to leaving.i cant go into detail about who is where doing what
but we are now heading"that way".i have no idea how long we will be at ***
(that looks to be our destination)but its confirmed we are now leaving here
during ***.i will still have e-mail for some time now
but the net is getting slower and my schedule more hectic so i may not be
able to check your messages as often as i like but you know my days and
nights are still spent thinking of our future together.my friends may even
get tired of hearing me talk about you,our plans,etc. but i cant help myself
(LOL!)its interesting not being single anymore.i never fail to drop your name
when i meet women here from time to time.i remember meeting women that are
the same way when i lived in***.its a very polite way of saying"im
taken"when you are talking to someone.whoops,just got an im and closed by
mistake.thought it was pop-up.anyway,i would like to call and talk to your
mom some time.right now i work when she may be home.
well,tell her i may call but the hour may be late and the phones are
alot more "flakey"than even the net.there is also always a long line.its not
so bad,ill just have to sit it through some morning and get some of these
phone calls out of the way(also need to phone others,etc.)well,i better run
babe.im off tonight and i want to get a goodnights sleep for change so i can
run some errands in the a.m. before i return to duty.how i cant wait to be
off "army time"and on to your time(or,"our timeLOL!)you know i feel the same
way about you as you feel towards me.never ever fear rejection from my end of
things.thats why im so big on the seperation thing.yes,i could make good
money now,hopping about the globe but i am committed to being by your
side.youre my life now and we’ll deal w/the other issues after weve spent some
much needed time together(glued togetherLOL)well,bye babe...i love
you!!!your husband...m...

Sunday, January 04, 2004

hi babe! lordy how i love you. your the bright spot in my horizon,thats for
sure.i can honestly say you helped me through this deployment.i had no idea
they would keep us this long and i am so very angry about being extended
that there is no doubt i will get out of the military for good now. its a
shame (like you and your ex) to invest so much time with something (or
someone) to get shafted so.i never learn.there was/must have been a reason i
got out of the military even when i was an officer years ago but i keep
coming back(duhh!) well,there is bad some bad news about the computers next
door to my berthing space.someone stole one so they shut the whole
operation down. thats so sad, so many guys were chatting w/their wives and
girlfriends for the first time in a year.oh well,we'll try the chat
thing when i get to kuwait.also,there will be a gap between moves so dont
fret if/ at/ towards the end of *** you dont hear from me.we will
leave here *** for kuwait and
i hope to be in *** by the end of ***. c. is prepared for you
should i be delayed. she is the
helping sort so i am sure not going to panic if
you get to *** before me.i’ll feel better with you there and you’ll have
all you need.i'll also call in some help if need be so i am not going to
stress on it. well babe, a friend is waiting on me so i better cut my message
short. i'm also frustrated about the snailmail so i wont send any anymore.i
sent a coin and a card, a box w/a surprise weeks ago and you never recieved
it. several days ago i mailed a ten page letter so lord knows when you will
recieve that. you will have heard most of it via e-mail anyway. oh well, such
complaining.i swear i will never complain about anything after all
thisLOL! i love you so much babe, please remember that, always! youre not just
the love of my life but my dreamgirl!i know that sounds corny but i
always dreamed a tall pretty
girl would come into my life someday! i never dreamed it would be one of the
few girls i had lusted after in hs(LOL!)anyway,it might be a day or two
before i get back to you (but i will)...love...your husband...m...

Saturday, January 03, 2004

yes,you heard me right.a dozen feet from my bunk they've installed over a
dozen computers. it figures,we are scheduled to leave iraq sometime
*** and now they install the computers. ive heard *** but no-one knows
for sure. the pc’s also have IM but the beta version(or any page )wont
let me in. i have that problem a lot, i never could log into my bank web
page, for example (even after my bank sent me the account number and password
i still could not log in) its the same with IM.even with my user id and
password i cant get in.you may know my user id and password(maybe im using
the wrong id and password?) send them and i will try to IM w/you but even
here the wait for a seat can be long.i may just continue to hike over to
*** because there is no wait(and i can drink and
smoke LOL!)but,alas! they dont have IM set up on thier pc’s
(because they are working pc’s).anyway,just a short note to let you know
what is going on.a friend of mine also refuses to redeploy and is thinking about canada,as well. we can consider our options later but i
will not redeploy,no matter what.i dont trust ***. they are very short of
people and there is talk of "back to back"deployments for all types of
units.most of the guys in my unit are telling me they wont redeploy,even if
ordered. anyway,ill talk to you later.send that IM info if you can,i’ll
try again.i dont understand.remember,there was no problem using the beta
version in germany and i didnt need a bloody password or user
id.all i had to do was type in your user id(and or mine)and a message would
go to our e-mails and open the doors(windows)oh well,maybe some other
time. love you babe...your husband...m...ps...have you recieved my box
or coin yet?

Thursday, January 01, 2004

december 31,2003
hi babe!im back.still have the cold.the second cold,that is.im afraid that
the colds are here to stay.i wont shake this one for awhile,given the
environment i’m in.the colds go through everyone and when your immune system
kicks in, another strain pops up to take its place.ive spent enough time in
the military to have learned this(ie,i didnt need biology 101LOL!)yes,it
still rains on me.i stay dry and near the burn barrel we use.i received
your blanket the other day.
you’re so clever,babe.its perfect.its not to large so i can take it with me
and it is very warm,thanks!i sent you some snailmail today.ten pages worth
(i told you i still had alot to say off-lineLOL!)i also sent you a box with a
another t-shirt in it.just be careful when you open the t-shirt,there is a
gift inside.its gold of course but this time i wont tell you what it
is(LOL)no,its not a ring(we will get those stateside)somethings wrong w/this
reply box,ill send another message...love...m...

hi babe!this is my second message,something wrong w/the first box.i just
couldnt let you go like that but i better get going now so i can rest before
i go on shift tonight.ill always think happy thoughts when it comes to
thinking of you, its just that the wait is straining me.i know there will
never be a dull moment with us,there is just so much for us to do(and i
dont mean just choresLOL!)i hope we dont have to move to canada but we may
have to consider it if they dont release me.i cant deal with another
deployment.ive already told you i dont want us to seperate,not for any long
length of time.my contract ends in *** but they can hold you 90 days
after that and they can also have another "stop loss"put into
effect,blocking my release.it most likely wont happen but with ***in
office i am prepared for the worst.alot of my freinds stateside have
already suggested it so ive given it some thought,i just hope it does not
come to that.the polls have shown *** will be re-elected
by a landslide so we should expect 4 more years of them.anyway,i hate to
sound so negative but it is so miserable here and the the news is all
bad(however,the only news we get here now is about michael johnson)i try to
stay comfortable and i have alot more than i had before but "there is no
place like home"LOL!anyway,i do think of all the things we can do
together.its changed my life.we'll meet new and old friends.walk and ride in
the forest. c. has 2 acres of land complete with tractor,plow and
tools.we can take our time and find a really nice place for
ourselves.we’re a good match in so many ways,we'll enjoy doing lots of things
together.i like the idea that you want to do things together.so many
couples say they do,then dont.like you said,they are cruel to each other.i
could never be that way,you know by now its just not my nature and
besides,that sort of thing would have surfaced by now(as much as we
communicate)i dont have the ego that other men seem to have,either.
there are bound to be things you can do better than me(i hope so)and i will
only respect and admire you for that,not resent you or anything.i forget
sometimes what you've been through and i know you've wasted years of your
life on a worthless "ex".you've been through a lot and you still write
cheery letters.they mean so much to me,to hear you say what you say.i
cant believe it sometimes,the soulmate ive waited for. like you, i've had
my share of bad ex’s. but that was years ago.i go into more detail in my
snailmail.i cant wait just to be close to you,to hold you,to spend long
evenings in front of the fireplace with you.to just be us.im not real fast
or big so something tells me we will have
fun doing alot of things together.i like board games too and with only
a"slightly"higher than average iq im afraid im going to have to practice
some to beat you at anythingLOL!.well,ive already gone past my time limit
if im going to get some rest before my shift.ill send some more snailmail
because i cant make it up here like i used to but sometimes ill write in my
e-mail some of my snailmail,anyway.well,stay safe babe(i still worry about
you!)love...your husband...m...

thanks babe!your words of wisdom always bring me around!i almost cried when i
read your last letter.its so true,well have everything when we are
love you babe...your husband...m...ps...i just "died"not being able to
get to your letters.i cant get here like i used to.i sent some snail mail(i
told you in my other e-mailLOL!)love you babe...so glad i got to ***
tonight...love...your husband...m...

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