Thursday, July 29, 2004

greetings my love!i just had to write again because for so long e-mail was our chief means of communication.maybe im nostalgic but some things are just better when put to words.we're so lucky to be home now.just think,we have a lake in our back yard and we can now go horse-back riding in the forest any day of the week.we've lived in other countries and we know now,more than others,how great a place America is(even if the republicans are trying to run it into the groundLOL!)its great that we seem to have the same political views.we are both hawks but we are smart enough to vote democrat.i really see nothing wrong with bush going after bad guys(in iraq or afghanistan)but now there are other pressing issues abroad and at home that demand serious attention and i just feel the democrats can do a better job.it bothers me that the republicans are telling americans that the democrats will allow the terrorists to get them(ie,make america unsafe)i will agree with my republican friends here(in republicanlandLOL) that both parties seem to"waffle"on the issues some.same complaint from my liberal and tree-hugger friends(ie,politics as usual,etc,etc)it was fun watching the DNC together the other night.we can both relate to our former leaders,they mean well.clinton was being honest when he said that he had opted out of the vietnam war(as did cheney and bush,he said)but kerry had decided to go.as a democrat and combat veteran myself,it bothers me that the republicans can discount kerry's military history so easily.you know how i feel about that.my ancestors founded this nation and fought in its wars.i hate being called a liberal or unpatriotic simply because i choose to vote democrat.
all those arm-chair"chickenhawks"need to get off their fat asses and serve a tour overseas before they jump to judge others.i think everyone should serve in the military but i wouldnt force them!LOL i feel the same way about the flag.its okay to burn it in protest because thats what being an american is all about.we should serve and protect those rights.anyway,our leaders were kind to the bush people monday evening.(ie,"they mean well")we are at war and should act like it.im still angry about 9/11.i remember what i thought when i first saw the twin towers fall.i thought,"the gloves are off,somebody is going to pay!"when i saw the taliban fall i jumped for joy(havent those idiot taliban heard of seperation of church and stateLOL?)think about it.would you want the bible-thumpers running this nation?i dont think so.our ancestors were god-fearing people but no fools.seperation of church and state was important to the freedom of all americans.well,enough politics(and religion)its late and i look forward to another day with you,...love...m...

Thursday, July 15, 2004

greetings babe!i love the way you send me an e-mail from time to time even though we have been home for several months now.i guess people forget to write or blog once they get home.its so easy to lose touch with people that way.i guess its the way of the world,so transient these modern times.anyway,i had to send this letter for the blog via my outlook exprs program because for some reason my browser seems to be acting up.i look forward to my upgrade this x-masLOL.one nice feature though is simply the fact that you now sit across from me and i can just "talk"LOL like i said earlier though,people stop staying touch so i guess we'll start off on a new start and try staying in touch with people.its a shame that some people have stopped blogging altogether.i dont think its censorship.nobody really cares that much about what the common "joe"has to say.in my case,i just dont think its very professional to go to extremes writing about politics and other issues(when you're on the job,anyway)i'm sorry that before and during the war i could tell you very little of what i was doing.its no secret now that my unit was attached to special operations with the special forces.no one was ever punished for talking"trash"or talking about operations but the fear of not having e-mail in those days was enough to keep a lot of people in line.we were so lucky,it never was an issue while i was overseas.i do find myself asking questions about the war but there are other issues in life that concern me now and that is the reason ill vote democrat this november.it is nice to be home now and e-mail is a nice medium to get opinions(or whatever)off my chest.america is a great place(we're allowed to bitch and gripelol)like i said earlier,i had no problem going to war last year.i didnt make it an issue of mine even though fellow soldiers grumbled about deployment to iraq and doubted the WMD and terror connections.people aren't dumb,you know.i told people i would go because i felt iraq was a real threat because of an evil dictator.and we have an obligation to obey the orders of an official elected by the people of a democratic nation.if there are issues with an elected official you vote them out.i'll vote for kerry this fall because i feel he is the best candidiate,not because bush sent me to war.(i'm still angry at the nader people for not backing gore, damn tree huggersLOL)anyway,you know i've always thought a real threat to the world are the terrorists.they're mostly religious you know(we have a domestic version here,too(the oklahoma city bombing,the shooting of abortion doctors and clinics,etc))its the bible thumpers(or koran thumpersLOL)that are the biggest threat to the future of iraq,as well.ill vote for the democrats(even though i consider myself a conservative)because they seem more for people and are "less controlled"by the church and corporations.my ancesters founded this nation(brag,bragLOL)with seperation of church and state and other issues built into the constitution and bill of rights.i consider myself a patriot,so i'll continue to vote democrat!anyway,to sum things up,im so glad to be home again(thank-god!LOL)and enjoying this time together.we'll take time to enjoy life this summer,enjoy the freedom we earned,thank the good lord for our blessings and urge all our freinds to vote democrat this fall!...love....m

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