Tuesday, November 22, 2005

greetings all! the people in kansas think the world is flat! i thought this was a joke at first but i now know its true. yes! its hard to believe but just ask the people who live there. they will also tell you the earth was created in seven days (or six, whatever,...) anyway, i just cant believe the chicken hawk republican conservatives are still sticking to thier old talking points. as a veteran of almost three decades it makes me most angry when the chicken hawks profit from those in the service of the military. chicken hawks making money on the backs of the military and american taxpayers is just "wrong". limbaughs newsletter to the troops is a good example. send money to rush and troops will get his subscription. give me a break! are these letters bullet proof? this guy supports the troops? republicans dont support the troops! how hard is that to understand? if you dont believe me just look at the budget cuts proposed by the republican house and senate. tax cuts to the rich (many getting fat on the iraq war and high energy prices) and budget cuts to veterans. they are even taking school lunches from school children. nevermind that the "neo-cons" oversold the war (or just lied outright) and are being indicted left and right for criminal acts, they dont represent the real america. just look at them. do veterans of the military swell thier ranks? i dont think so. when a real war veteran like rep. murtha stands up and confronts these people they call him a coward. is that all they have? doesnt it strike people as odd that none of the neo-cons or right wing republican talking heads are combat war vetrerans? talking heads like o'reilly and pat robertson are calling for the destruction of cities and towns in america. these are our patriots? i will always encourage other veterans to vote for the party that would be the best for america. its that simple. the choice may not be real good but you vote because it is a right and duty. even if only one name appears on the ballet you should still vote. it tells everyone that you will vote, it matters. remember too, they work for us and if we dont review them, hire and fire them, we could be just as guilty for thier sins. well, may you all be safe in your travels and happy thanksgiving,...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

it has been unfortunate that so many people have died in iraq the past few days. ive always supported the war effort in iraq and afghanistan but since rep. murtha has come out against the war i may have second thoughts. it didnt have to be this way. the current administration didnt want to listen to reason in the past and it sure shows now. they didnt send enough troops to begin with and they still dont have enough troops. after i deployed to iraq i could see we needed more troops. its no fun for soldiers when we are stretched thin. its dangerous. i was on checkpoint duty late one night with another soldier and only 350 rounds of M-4 ammo between us when bush gave his "bring it on speech". it just shows how out of touch these people are, they are clueless. soldiers suck up the duty because thats what they do but we tie their hands when we refuse to send help or establish a clear goal for them to work towards. its no wonder people like rep. murtha and others are getting pissy, the mistakes concerning the iraq war (and the war on terror in general) go on and on. we disbanded the republican guard, for example. sent them home without pay. thats a nice way to treat real soldiers. we'll win lots of friends that way. now we have extra duty and terrorists, wow...go figure. i blame republicans for the mess in iraq. murtha blames republicans. god must certainly blame republicans. its obvious republicans are no friend of the soldier or veteran. they wave the flag and thump the bible but they have one hand in the nations cookie jar. this is a party that gives tax breaks to the rich but wants to cut benefits for food stamps and military veterans. this is a political party that condones torture. can you imagine? (we might want to reconsider that policy if any of our military go missing in iraq). these chicken hawk republicans call murtha a coward? where were they during all these wars? the chicken hawks pound the war drum but turn and run from the real battle like the real cowards they are. they make speeches on veterans day, like its thier day. says who!? bush doesnt care about veterans, thats obvious to the most casual observer. well, happy thanksgiving republicans (i hope you choke on it!)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

our leaders are liars and cheats. im not talking about the military, im talking about the civilians who run the military. they dont care about soldiers or veterans and thier actions prove that. who approves of torture anyway? not the soldier on the ground. chickenhawks want torture (odd, its always the person who does not go to war that beats the war drum the loudest) the republicans are also cutting veterans benifits for those who served in iraq and other wars. whats with that? what kind of leaders give tax cuts to the wealthiest americans, spend 6 billion a day on a war they dont know how to manage and then tell americans 32 million in cuts to poor will solve our problems. republicans suck! these people are not only stupid, they are just plain evil. first of all the tax cuts no longer trickle down to the poor. big corporations are taking thier money overseas. they are robbing us blind, with the blessing of the republican leadership. if people really want low taxes, they will vote these creeps right out of office. second, this administrations foreign policy is a joke. its just not the terrorists who hate us now, its half the world. that might not bother the cowardly right wing chickenhawks now but in the future when world problems surface we will need all the help of all nations we can get. our leadership also approves of amending the US constitution to further blurr the line of seperation of church and state. our founding fathers made it clear in the constitution and bill of rights that seperation of church and state are important in a free, democratic nation (i dont like the idea of religion in politics, its not democracy). wake up america! we live in a democracy. dont let bush and his followers turn the US into a religious nazi-type state. vote these bums out! i would like to apoligize to the rest of the world for the actions of our lousy leaders. not everyone who lives here is a nazi bible thumper! if the world gives us just a little time, we will elect leaders who can do the job right. america means well, its just that we need to pour the snake oil on the ground and get on with being a real leader in the world,...

Saturday, November 05, 2005

its a shame that the iraq war policy by our current white house administration condones torture and other human rights violations. every service member on the ground anywhere overseas should be alarmed. what this means to the average grunt on the ground is very simple. if you are captured by terrorists or other combatants you will most likey "not" recieve your red cross package in a timely manner. its also a matter of leadership. if our leadership continues to do these horrible things to other people, doesnt that make them just as bad as the people they abuse? i mean, just who is the enemy if everyone is a terrorist and a thug? the idea of secret camps and the current SOP for torture should scare everyone, seeing how it is a radical departure from previous US policy and it smacks of gulogs and deathcamps of past conflicts. i always thought that as americans we were better than that. we should protect the rights of all people, all over the world. some people will always insist that torture save lives. maybe so, but it is a short-sighted goal because victory means leading by example (again, who are the bad guys here anyway?) it could also be obvious to the average person that just maybe, our fearless leaders might not know how to run a war in the first place. duhh! remember, we have a great military but civilians are running our military now and its just possible they are running it right into the ground. odd, its always been the democrats and liberals who are targeted for running the military down. just for your information, bush went to war with clintons army (a damned good one to boot!) anyway, we can help our troops overseas by voting democrat here in the states (even if some of those democrats appear to be kooky liberalsLOL!) it can send a strong message to the robber barons(neo-conservatives) and bible thumpers(religious far-right) if people will turn out to vote. remember that these evil people support the torture and abuse of human beings and that real partriots and real people of god would never condone what this adminstration is doing concerning the handling of human rights. it is important we remember past events "those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it" somebody important said that,...

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