Saturday, March 25, 2006

greetings all! nothing much to say tonight i must admit. i am curious about all the attacks on the media from both the left and the right because it raises some important issues. we who are in the "middle" as far as politics go should take note because this is an attack on free press, period. the muslims became upset about some stupid cartoons some time ago and this is an example of what im talking about. if the muslims cant take a joke then that is thier problem. dont blame the press. we dont have to bomb these people into the stone age, they are already living in the stone age. just look at the hovels they call home. cant blame the u.s. for that life-style. in america the left accuses the media of being owned and controlled by right-wingers. what a load of crap. the media has to survive in a free market economy and they print and show what sells. the market controls the media, not a secret group of politicians. the right-wing is just as bad. they accuse the media of being liberal. again, what a load of crap. there is no "liberal press", these people want to "shoot the messenger" and that is just plain stupid. the republicans in power in america are really being stupid concerning the reporting in iraq. most of the news coming out of iraq is not good and that does not jive with thier politics. too bad. so they want the media to report good news? then they need to have a policy that generates good news. but republicans are stupid and its so much easier (and cheaper) to shoot the messenger. religion has never liked the press. they tried to stop the printing press in ancient europe. thank god they could not stop the press because we wouldnt have what we have today, the right to communicate with a free press. many muslims hate the press, as well. remember america, the terrorists hate our free press. think about that for awhile. listen to the right-wing radio and they sound more like the terrorists we are fighting against everyday. in afghanistan they want to kill a man for becoming christian. i am christian, i dont like that (my ancestors were christians, as well). the idea it was reported to the rest of the world is a problem to them. think there is going to be free press there? not for long. my point is that if you are not a secular christian democrat like me, you are wrongLOL! i can say that, in a free world...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

well, the right-wing republicans are at it again! lies, lies and more lies! the latest lies involve WMDs and they couldnt be further from the truth. first of all, there is no way in hell saddam moved WMDs from iraq to syria (or anywhere else prior to the current iraq war). no way! i know, i was there! first of all this lie is a slap in the face for all u.s. military (and others) who served in the region. the no-fly zone means just that, a no-fly zone! i listened to the british tornados roar off night and day going after something as small as a box truck. i served with special operations at the base in kuwait and slept yards from the run-way. and what if WMDs did make it out? wouldnt that make the receiving country a threat as well? just where are those WMDs anyway? ill tell you! there are none in that region you chicken hawk right-wing republican bastards! why the need to insult the u.s. military? isnt it bad enough that republicans want to reduce veterans benefits? i supported going to iraq to remove an evil dictator. isnt that enough of a reason to go? i'm a hawk, i would support this war because saddam needed to go. but why did the chicken hawk republicans disband his army? i had to stand extra guard duty because of that blunder! i was on duty with one other soldier at a checkpoint in the middle of nowhere when bush gave his "bring it on" speech. im still pissed about that "comment." rush limbaugh is a big fat liar, as well. he is the one leading the charge with this latest WMD lie. let him get off his big fat ass and enlist if he's so gung-ho to go to war. the drums of war sound real good when you are at a distance (dont they? you big fat rich pig!) we have a real enemy in the middle east and the republicans just dont seem to care. the evil koran thumping terrorists must love our inept administration. the terrorists waltzed right into iraq thanks to the blunders of those right-wing republicans and our service members pay the price everyday. do i sound angry? goddamn right i'm angry! i've lost close friends in iraq. i pray everynight that we vote these bastards out of office. we can't fight the real bad guys until we do, its that simple. these evil koran thumping terrorist bastards flew aircraft into our twin towers and all the republicans care about is tax cuts to the wealthy and benefit cuts for the poor. wake up america! vote!

Monday, March 20, 2006

greetings all! it hurts me to hear of all the bad things happening in iraq. when i was in baghdad in 2003 things really seemed okay. i bitched about not being able to go home but i had high hopes for iraq. i knew we didnt have enough troops for the job but people were so nice to us i felt things could work out. outside of a few stray rounds and a rocket attack (or two) i never felt like i was in any real danger. our infantry unit was tight, we had the benefit of serving with the special forces and we were "in the know". the fact that there were no red lights at the intersections in baghdad was a good thing (no stoppingLOL!). we waved at armed people, we didnt shoot at them. we placed sandbags on the floor of our humvees but what we really needed were good shocks. pot-holes were a threat, not IEDs. KBR moved in and we had the best chow in the world. people can say what they want about KBR (and others) but they run a great chow hall. thats important. we supported the war in iraq, nobody forced anybody in our unit to deploy to iraq. only a few people opted out of deployment, it just was not an issue. many in our unit didnt buy the WMD issue or the connection to 9/11 but we were happy to be part of getting rid of a horrible man (saddam). now its a whole new ball game. i blame all our problems at home and in iraq on the republicans. if we want to make things right we need to elect democrats to our government. democrat leaders like rep. murtha can show us the way. the republicans had thier chance in office and they blew it. im no longer in the military so i can say these things(once a marine always a marineLOL!). the republicans are so evil it is unreal. the world should know that not all americans are money greedy flag waving bible thumpers who care nothing about the misery overseas. we do care and we are going to vote these neocon right-wingers out of office. then we are going to tax the piss out of them, so they can pay for thier sins and ill-gotten profits. the republicans dont know how to fight the terrorists. they cant protect us. they let 9/11 happen and they take the high ground blaming others for thier errors. the terrorists should take note however, we will get you ( make no mistake about it!) with the right leadership at the helm we will find you and destroy you. amen and god bless our troops!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

greetings everyone! the republicans want to do away with veterans health care and this is one of the many reasons i believe they are evil. veterans health care is not welfare, as many right wing republicans claim. many veterans (when not serving in war or active duty) are self-employed and/or cannot afford health care. its bad enough that republicans want to get rid of social security but why go after veterans? i've never been injured or had a serious illness but VA healthcare is the only health care i have known my entire adult life. it is a good system that is paying back what the taxpayers put into it. many veterans are healthy and employed thanks to the VA so why do republicans want to get rid of it? another thing i dont understand is what makes right wing republicans think there is still welfare in the united states anyway? despite what rush limbaugh and others say there is no welfare in america. there are food stamps and WIC but these programs support only mothers with infants and people in these programs must work. again, no welfare here. in many cases it is just plain racism and hatred. alot of people in alabama dont want mothers in detroit receiving WIC. why? many people in red states are stupid bigots, plain and simple. they would punish little children just because they dont like the mother. right-wing republicans are evil, plain and simple. republicans claim democrats want a welfare state. since when? clinton got rid of welfare as we know it, duhhh! he was a democrat i do believe. the republicans claim democrats would allow terrorists attacks. since when!? 9/11 occured during the republican watch, i do believe. how are the democrats are at fualt? the republicans are turning the war on terror into a joke (just like the war on drugs). its just an excuse to rob us of our pocketbooks. they have made a mess of iraq. i know, i was there and saw first hand just how stupid the civilians are who run our military. what a bunch of chicken hawk idiots! if you are american and you vote republican you are just as evil. you care nothing about the well-being of this great nation. shame on you! if you vote republican you care nothing about the service members who risk thier lives to protect our nation. the democrats are not much better in many respects but they just HAVE to be better than republicans. vote!

Monday, March 13, 2006

greetings all! yes, another horriable day in baghdad. i try to contain my anger and i do that by ranting againts republicans. they are the cause of all our problems here in the usa and overseas. they are evil. liberals and democrats may be kooky but the republicans are just plain evil. they are also looting our great nation of its wealth and power. if you think terrorists are bad for our nation just give the republicans more time in office. because i served in iraq in the early days i know first hand how bad "they" screwed it up (not enough troops, no protection from IEDs, etc.). republicans care only about their money and nothing else. the proof is in the pudding. they are no freind of the veteran. they advocate tax cuts for the wealthy and cut veterans benifits at the same time. the right wing neo-cons who now own and run this nation are chicken hawks to boot (cowards who would send others to do thier dirty work). i supported our war in iraq and was happy to go. we have an intrest in protecting our intrests in the region and sometimes a big stick is needed to get our way. but our fearless leaders have thrown all that down the toilet. now we have a mess. i dont buy the idea that we must unite against a common enemy by being stupid. its beyond that. the republicans dont know how to fight this "enemy" the destruction of the twin towers happened on the republicans "watch" and some how the republicans are the heros? i urge all americans to vote for any democrat in 2008 because a vote for a republican is really a vote for "king george" even though he is not on the ballet. dont let these bastard weasel out of their horriable job performance. remember, if you preformed as the republicans have you would be gone from your job (think about it). lets fire these evil doers and robber barrons by not voting for them (they havnt taken that from us). we can fight the war on terror but lets tell the republicans we can do it without them. let them count their money and thump their bibles and we will fight the war on terror, our way (diplomacy backed by the best military in the world!) evil republicans begone! christ ran these same people out of the temples, lets run them out of office! amen!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

the UAE port deal! i have to support the president on this one. it just shows how dumb republicans are. so all arabs are terrorists? i beg to differ. they've been fighting the terrorists alot longer than us and they support america in this war on terror. republicans are determined to piss the whole world off, i guess. republicans need to know that america has alot invested overseas (many owe thier wealth to that investment). our standard of living depends on it. this is why i part company with the left on many issues concerning the war on terror. we need a big stick to get our way from time to time overseas (but the more hands on that stick the better). did it ever occure to the numb-witted that company ownership works both ways? we own investments overseas, duhhh! so people overseas cant invest here? huh? we even invest with chavez' nation (venezuela). they dont like bush. are they going to throw us out? i dont think so. there are alot of american companies overseas that pump that oil out you idiot republicans. what UAE does is run ports! duhh! my beef isnt with the investors who own the companies, its the security of our american ports. the republicans want tax breaks for the rich but not a penny to search sea-port containers. now people know why i think republicans are so stupid (they are stuck on stupid). meanwhile, back at the ranch, the robber-barons are looting america and no one seems to give a shit. the wealthy dont care about an assualt on america. they have their money and it buys a margin of safety. its the rest of us who pay for the damage caused by republicans. can anyone say "record deficits?" how about enron, abramoff, the bogus war on drugs and open borders? and these people complain about arabs running our ports? idiots! if they are going to cry, why dont they cry about american jobs being sent overseas? republicans support sending lumber and other raw goods to japan and other places and then selling the finished product back to america at inflated prices. then they blame the tree huggers for the loss of amercan jobsLOL! give me a break! goddamn these republicans to hell! wake up america and vote! i wont even get to iraq tonight (god help iraq,...please!!!!!)....

Friday, March 03, 2006

greetings all ye olde soldiers! just for kicks i check out the liberal left-wing blogs from time to time. lordy! they are as stupid as the right wingers! lies about the miltary are out of control and the "kook meter" is on high. i know a little about these people, i come from a kooky liberal family. for example, i am a second class citizen in thier eyes because i smoke, eat red meat, drive an SUV, carry a weapon and serve in the military when the mood strikes me. but they are clueless. i am really a "tax and spend democrat" first and a hawk second ( i see no harm in using a big stick to get our way from time to time ). i do have alot in common with the left. i think the rich should be taxed and made to feed the poor (rich people here seem to forget where thier riches came from). taxes made this country great. my ancestors shed blood for the right to those taxes and our nation fought a civil war over taxes (remember, the south did not want to pay taxes so we sent our military in to make them pay taxes). i think abortion should be legal (if a woman is raped by an aids infected creep does that mean she has to raise his child? not!) the drug war is a joke (if we cant stop heroin from afghanistan how are we going to stop terrorists?) our borders are wide open and they want to tap our phones? i also think bush is the worst president we've ever had and he does sound alot like hitler but what really gets me is the fact that these lefty "peace-niks" and "tree-huggers" know nothing about the military they rant and rave against. i have a "kook meter" for these people and it always seems to be on high. for example, what does the "aztec sun dance" have to do with a meeting on resisting military recruitment? if any of those fat hippie white chicks rolling about on the ground saw an aztec warrior they would just shit in thier sun dresses. the tree huggers should take note too, ancient native americans were no friends of the enviroment. the left seems to know little about any aspect of miltary. ( if you cant tell a private from a captain what right do you have to bash the army?) i bash the religious right but i know alot about them. they are not about jesus christ, for example. jesus didnt hate fags or whores, he hung out with them. if jesus does return, i hope he sends both pat robertson and ralph nader straight to hell!LOL!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

liberals are kooks but conservatives and right-wingers are just plain evil. i hope that people reading this blog dont think im liberal just because i think that the republicans running our great country are running it right into the ground. im no liberal. im a capitalist and a hawk so i have never been fond of liberals but the republicans cant do anything right and their record of blunders proves it. we handed them iraq and what did they do? they dropped the ball. not only are they making a mess of iraq but they are also trashing our great army. they want to cut veterans benefits and scale back the troop numbers in the national guard and reserves. they give tax breaks to rich while cutting aid to the poor. what a bunch of evil doers. for gods sake america, lets vote these evil robber barons and chicken hawk bastards out of office! we have no option now but to leave iraq. what a shame. i knew we were going to have problems when the republican guard left thier posts and went home. i knew then that i was not going home. anyway, its a sad time for iraq. i feel sorry for all those smiling faces and happy people i met in iraq who are now at the mercy of "koran-thumpers" and other evil people. shame on you republicans! you are to blame for our problems, here and abroad. how can these people sleep at night? they are stealing baby formula from infants and wheel chairs from old people. they dump thier garbage in our lakes and streams and laugh at our bill of rights and constitution. freedom is too important to vote republican! our founding fathers must be turning in thier graves,...

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