Friday, June 27, 2003

(decided to start posting from most recent contacts)
june 23,2003 e-mail
subject:2 month old letter
hey babe!
i'm here (still). use my army e-mail (the spam is
killing me with over 500 messages and i couldn't
get to your mail for almost a half an hour now)
i don't have e-mail anymore so it is hit or miss
getting online. i hope i can get home for the holidays
but one never knows. (we could plan something
that way and the earlier i can see you the better!)
i've sent several letters but expect a month or so for delivery.
i've recieved almost no mail for a month now but i know
you have been sending. i'll write more if i have time this
a.m. love you babe! (stay with me here, i need you
so bad!!!)

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