Saturday, June 21, 2003

feb.14,2003 (first snailmail)
greetings to you dearest!
its not hot here yet,but its still winter. we're not doing much yet,
just got here. i'll send some photos when i can...
typical army camp. we're in a huge tent, 2 platoons to a tent.
rumours are flying but nothing worth talking about. as a matter of fact,
i have little to talk about at this time.
i'm still working on the e-mail thing, we're not on the main post
so it may be awhile before we can talk. I can always write however,
taking my notebook with me wherever i go. maybe you can save
these letters, a journal of sorts. I no longer keep a journal, just one in my head.
I hope you write when you can. i've sent my new address to Btown,
maybe some people from there will write, who knows. like i said,
i've got time to write now, we may get busier at a later date.
(zooom zooom! go the jets in the background) the chow's not too
bad anyway, some of the guys just got back from the mess hall
for coffee. there's a cute girl working there and i think the guys just
wanna ogle her! Give me a break!! there's only a million men here,
why torture yourself? she must be a whole of 18 years old, who knows?
anyway, we all walk down there...LOL
when the mood strikes, i will draw some cartoons. i can also tell you more
about what we are doing, maybe not so secret in the future. so how's
life in your abode? sounds like you are a real social bee, w/ visitors and all.
your story about the unwanted houseguest was entertaining. we all know people like that.
do you ever plan to visit the states again? i'll be here for 6 to 12 months but you know
you are welcome at my place in Btown. i would visit *** but most of my friends have left there by now.
at least you have family to visit stateside.
like i said, we are just getting settled in. i'll get to know my way around later,
after we get to know more about this place. the guys are talking,
asking me about unemployment benefits, ( i majored in human resources)
it is a sweet deal. after we are deployed for six months we are all entitled to
unemployment. thats a plus because you can earn cash from odd jobs plus recieve
benefits for school, trianing, etc. through the military. plus some of these guys will
pick up v.a. bennies (house buying, hospital and health, etc.)
anyway, i will bring this letter to a close. not much to talk about at this point.
watch the news, if you can. we dont have any t.v. here. i catch a little
news on the radio at nite, not much. the bbc does not broadcast on shortwave
anymore so that pretty much screws me. (the public radio ..npr..does not broadcast on
a.m. anymore as well.) hurts cuz i miss the in-depth reporting like
"all things considered", etc. well, write back if you've got time. i dont know when i will get e-mail back.
good luck to you, love.....m

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