Saturday, June 21, 2003

february 14,2003 (2nd snailmail)
hey babe!
sorry i couldnt get a letter out earlier, but the shit is serious
now,(no phone calls, no e-mails,etc.) it's worse than jail here.
someday i'll get to tell you what i'm doing but right now all i can
tell you is that i'm in-country (kuwait) and safe. i'm taking photos
and i'll share them with you later but right now we are locked
down in an armed compound. i've been through it a million times
so i'm used to it, it's not that bad. you'll enjoy some photos i've
taken, (snowball fight at camp***, guys in towel fight, fighter jet
alongside our airplane etc., there's really no restrictions on phone
calls or photos, just nowhere to make a phone call or develop film.
when things calm down we can communicate like before. feel free
to write me, i want to hear from you so badly. i've enclosed an
***address, i hope you take time to write. no one else is (i've
told some not to bother) not that i don't want people to write,
it's just that i can get only so many letters out and i want you
to be at the top of the list. c will mail me things i need but if you
want to send snacks, that would be cool. like i said, there is nothing
here,lol! i think of you a lot and was so happy to get an e-mail out
at the airport en-route! did you recieve it? i'm looking forward to
bosnia, it's got to be better than this place! i'm just hoping i won't be here
all year because i want to take time to raise the pup i'm getting.
i hope all is well with you, i do think of you often, don't think i
don't. there are some good points, however. there's a coffee
machine in the mess hall that makes about every type of drink
you can think of. it's warm here! and everything is free.
i should be able to save some money as well. we get some extra
pay,(combat,sep., etc.,) its a tax-free area so we pay no taxes,
(how nice of good ol' uncle sam)
well, some of the guys are going up to "midnight" chow at the
mess hall. (are we bored or what?) write back as soon as you can!

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