Saturday, June 21, 2003

march 10,2003 (e-mail)
subject: on duty
just wanted to say hey before i went back to work...
will sleep later...write later
see-ya babe!...love...m

march 5,2003 (e-mail)
subject: american cigs
hi babe! the strong kind! (they don't have to be american)
like marlboro or camels. canadian players are good or any
full flavoured filtered cigs would work. the line to the px
takes 2 to 3 hours and there's nothing to buy anyway.
you're so sweet! might survive this hellhole yet.
letters and photos from you would be cool, i've yet
to recieve a letter from anyone. some of the guys are getting
mail, mostly packages but most of us have recieved no mail at all.
i dont get much news here so i'm in the dark about what's going on
in the world. there's a tent that used to have the news on but
the people here want sports and music videos. so no news is
available on that t.v. anymore. doesnt matter what happens anyway,
we're stuck here no matter what happens. i'm going to update my
webpage late tonight when the line dies down so maybe i'll
get another letter off to you...love...m

subject: another letter!
hi babe! don't have much time but i wanted to say hey anyway.
hope your feeling well and enjoying your new job...dont forget
events beyond my control might prevent me from e-mailing
but remember you're always in my heart and write anyway
because i'll always get to the e-mail, even if by phone...
miss you babe...love...m

subject: bombs away!
hey! i'm still here sweet thing! remember that they may shut the
phones down from time to time but they are back on now. i'll make
that call soon! we're real busy with guard and hiding in the bunkers
but i'll get a call out when things settle down. i wrote another letter
to you and i have some things to send you when the stupid atm
machine is working again. better make this short tonight, have to
get some things done before i go to bed...still thinking of you...

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