Sunday, June 22, 2003

march 13,2003 (e-mail)
subject: another e-mail!
hey babe! so nice to hear from my little lite,
my little political spitfire!lol no, i don't think they
moniter much of anything here except maybe the bad guys.
just the threat of losing e-mail is enought to keep me silent.
someday i'll tell you what i'm doing some of the time but you
can imagine the rest and get some info from the news.
i do wish france would come around, it's the best chance of
going home, i believe. no one wants war, even bush.
(has he started it yet? no...) anyway, i do miss yahooing with
you and living in btown again. (i had it made!) i hope
they don't keep us long, that's why i want the next resolution
to pass. i think everyone wants to go home, war or peace.
shoot, just when i want to write you a long letter a line forms here.
(how i miss the luxury of my own room and pc. try living in a tent
with 50 guys and waiting in line to take a shit!lol) i'll write
back, keep the faith, miss and love you babe...m

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