Sunday, June 22, 2003

march 28,2003 (e-mail)
subject: cant stay away...me too!
hey love! i feel i know you soooo well
(i even know what you are going to say
sometimesLOL! (ie,making love)). i'm
fine here and the gossip (that's what it isLOL!)
is all about being mobile but no one
ever knows for sure and i find that funny
sometimes. i've told people i'm willing to
go just about anywhere and on just about
any mission but they damn well better have
latte and internet (and believe it or not i think
they do LOL!). we are such a priviledged class,
us americans. anyway, a line has formed,
i'll write back tonight (oh so very sweet one!)

march29,2003 (e-mail)
subject: desk duty?
no, i can't read minds but i know how you feel, etc.
no, i've no desk duty but you can gather from my
lifestyle that i'm not on the front lines. i'm not in
the rear either and some of what we do is making
the national news. but don't guess or write me about
it because we're still not supposed to talk about it.
i'll write you a letter perhaps and can say more
because of the time gap, etc. there's a line so i'll
try to write later if i'm not called away for a while.

march19,2003 (e-mail)
subject: package came!
hey my love! don't worry, we won't lead the charge!
i'm fine and nothing's really changed here. i'll write another
letter and can tell you more at that time. nothing here is
all that tight, just business as usual. your package came
today! my fav ***snacks, i love those treats! they travel
well and i can take the small packages with me, such a
healthy snack. i think of you more and more as the time goes
by. i'm going to find a phone center my first day off and
give you a ring so it may be a few days. i don't know how this
phone center works but the other one requires hours of waiting
and you couldn't hear crap anyway. i don't want to have to shout
to be heard our first phone call. i also need to get up the nerve
to talk to you and remember what i wanted to say (almost as
bad as a first dateLOL!). i have duty the next couple of
days so it it will be at least that long before i phone. if we lose
e-mail for any reason, i will want to phone anyway, as well.
e-mail service is getting a little better, they added a couple laptops
and not everyone has found them yet (LOL). i still want you
not to worry! if i die it will be from shear boredomLOL!).
i'll close for now, but i will write you another letter while
on duty. thanks again for the package! (the spider
is a pretty one!)...love you!...m...ps...don't worry...

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