Monday, June 23, 2003

march18, 2003 (e-mail)
subject: read this first
hi babe! yeah it sure looks like it. maybe it doesnt have to be so bad.
a lot of the other side are coming over to us, it's a good sign.
i've already said more than i should. anyway, the net is real slow.
i may not get as many e-mails out as i would like. i sent you a letter,
i'll send more. don't worry about me and don't worry about the war. it's
a great nation here that moves forward and i hope that means little pain
for others, i believe that. getting rid of this nutcase
may help the future, i'm sure (we all hope). i want to go home,
want to yahoo w/you (i'll phone when i've the chance, thanks for the
phone number)...better go now, there's a line and i want to catch up
on the news in a few...love ya babe!!!!!!!!m

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