Sunday, June 22, 2003

march29,2003 (e-mail)
subject: atlas
hey babe! sure i get your drift (most of the time!lol)
i know we think alike, that's a given. (most true when
it comes to soulmates though they may be worlds apart.)
i get my share of shit details here but everyonne has to
"suck it up" now and again. it's not as bad i thought
and we do get some action now and then but i still
want to be home (but i'm not running the war).
i have a nagging feeling that this whole deal is
going to drag on for a long time. i'm sure it
should cost the republicans an election,(that's
the good side of it).
anyway, i will try to get some e-mail time tonight,
(i've the graveyard shift). i had a dream about you
the other night. didnt get to see you though, (figures)
but what i remember is that you had a fancy red
sports car. i could'nt help but notice that's just not your styleLOL!
well, better run, (there's someone waiting to use this pc).
anyway, you're right about something, i do have
an air-conditioned tent! they always make a point about that
(starving kids in china) and tell us how lucky we are
(starving kids in the marine corpsLOL!) we have showers but the
brits have holes in the ground for thier restrooms,
so on and so on. anyway, i'll write later...love...m

subject:back again!
hey love! i would never refuse a kiss from you!
you can be sure of that. i know why you might
pick up that in your dreams because i have been accused
by women of being stuck-up. i'm picky (not so much about looks,
but relationships)about those sort of things and i'm
not like other people (all hormones and all...LOL!)
i'm glad you recieved my letter, i only wrote it a month ago!LOL
i've got the graveyard again tonight ( guess
guard duty is better than some things i could be doing here)
anyway, don't be alarmed by the news much,
i'm much safer here than driving my truck or
breaking horses!LOL i'll write back tonight,
just checking my mail today before evening chow!
write back!...love...m

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