Monday, June 23, 2003

yep, you might be right about people not
accepting us. we just might make a lot of people
mad instead of getting done what we need to do
get done. i could go into more detail but that would be
violating some rules here. we want to provide aid at this
point but it shouldn't be the military's job (we're lousy at it).
i would fight a war in a different way but as a friend says,
"it ain't my barbeque"...
yes, i believe we are soulmates, it's just the wrong time,
wrong place and different people. life is like that. if you are
a math person i would say you have 'variables' to deal with.
(you play the hand you are dealt) we can't change history,
ie. wars, marraiges, etc... i deal with that issue well, i 'll always
live well because i adapt and accept. you still want to make your
way in life (just don't cry over spilled milk) we do have some
interesting converstaions around here. i've been talking to a navy
girl about some of my favorite books and it turns out
she has some to loan. we do what we can here to get by,
(except sharing a toothbrush, that's where i draw the line!lol)
anyway, we were talking about being accepted here and that's
an area where much work is needed. typical republican thinking
is that you can have your dessert before the main mealLOL!
(that's how i feel about the silly tax breaks as well).
anyway soulmate, best sign off now, (need my latte
and smoke break) write back...love...m

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