Wednesday, June 25, 2003

a TIMELY snail letter!!!!
only took 2 weeks! must post asap!
june 11,2003
hey babe!
got my first e-mail off to you last night, could'nt write much
(some major waiting for me to finish). one of the regular
army officers let me use his military pc to check my e-mail.
i'll get back to e-mail soon, we are still getting established here.
Lt. **** is the guy's name who lets me use his computer here.
(did you know i used to be an officer?) anyway, i stayed out so long
i could'nt get my rank back before the war. i'm going to have a job as
a sgt. when i get back to the states. (i'm getting out of the infantry!)
got your second package today!
(writers note... have sent at least 20 packages since february!!!)
i get so tired of american junk food so i always look forward to your packages!
we are slowly getting back to normal around here. for example i don't have to wash my clothes
in the canal anymore, we have a laundry service.they've installed lights
and AC in our "warehouse" and the guys have hooked up a half-assed shower
in the back (the water is hot because the it sits in tanks
on the roof).
you just never know what you've got till it's gone, we had it so good
at the 'palace'.we were attached to the special forces and they took good
care of us. we had a swimming pool, showers, hot meals, e-mail
and cool jobs (for the most part).now we are back to the real army and it takes
some getting used to. the special forces guys are a pretty
good bunch of human beings... and now it's back to 'jerkland'.
i don't know sometimes if i'm going to make my "20 years"
and retire or not. it's a money thing, i'm not getting any younger.
i officially have my degree now so i might apply for a warrant officer
'desk job' (i don't want to be deployed to a place like this again,
that's for sure. they really screwed us on this deployment. being
guard and reserves, most of us only figured on 6 months if the war went well,
not a whole fucking year! my orders now are until xmas, i still
can't believe it! yes, i'll save a lot of money of money but i would rather
be at home. i live so well and have always prided myself on that fact.
to come here and spend hours in a hot dusty stinking foxhole
is about as low as you can go. i had hoped we could be together
for the holidays, esp. since i am not seeing anyone. even if i get home this year
it will be torture waiting until summer to see you. yes, if you
come in the summer there is plenty we can do. i will most likely
be in Btown because i am going to 'take it easy' for awhile. i've several options here,
ie, go to grad. school, manage the new***, or just 'wing it', doing
my own brand of odd jobs. either way, i am going to chill for
awhile after this event, collecting unemployment and doing
what i want for a change...
the mail service is still SNAFU (situation normal, all fucked up)
when i served in the marines and army before i never remember
it being this bad. i'd hate to think what it would be like if we were fighting
a real war. they say the war is still on but probably less killing in
baghdad than NYC. i have a job now as an escort for vips and iraqi nationals
so i do worry some about being shot at but it has not happened yet.
i did photograph some looters the other day and they became very angry,
shaking thier fists at me and cursing. some guys asked me
why i did'nt you shoot them and i said that i would rather just
take pictures. the camera can be an awesome weapon, in more ways than one.
some people just hate to have thier picture taken!
i'll have lots of photos to share with you when i get home. i was going to
go to market and buy you things but they won't allow us to send packages
of anything other than personal gear. sucks! (they say blame it
on the people caught sending the wrong stuff home.) i always buy my girlfriends
gold jewelry so i will try to find something to send in a letter,
(my dogtag made it so that is a good sign) gold is real cheap
here now so i would love to buy some. the policy may change so
i'll keep you posted...
like you, i've had several dreams about us. we're always doing
such 'normal stuff' like walking along and talking. i have such strong feelings
for you now but like my dream of home, i try not to dwell on what i can't or don't have.
i'll count the days till we can be together just like i count the days
when i can go home.
anyway, (i'm enjoying the 'black gum' you sent) find enclosed some
iraqi dinars. it's not worth anything because it's not on the exchange board.
i thought you could give to your friends as a gag.
did i tell you i have kept all your letters? they're
just 'too cool'. i'll always treasure them and remember how
you kept me going during the lowest point in my life.
lordy how i love you! never thought it would mean so
much, but it does. it sounds kooky but i will have a
hard time even going out on dates at home with out
thinking of you! i hope i can go home someday
and you will come visit and all will be perfect!!!
love you babe

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