Sunday, July 20, 2003

july 17, 2003
hey babe! (good morning!) yeah, you'd
get no complaints on the one way ticket thing, i'm
here for you (i've only had a half year to think about itLOL!)
youre lucky in that dept. (i'm bragging) because i would wait
for you no matter what you decide. i'm really that kind of person
i'm also good at resisting temptation (some of my friends
are not very good at itLOL) so you know i'll be
here for you. funny you mentioned employment. my
old ***company is offering me a cash bonus to sign
back up but i hated being alone on the road for weeks at
a time. it's great money though (and if i had someone with me...)
anyway, i'm still stuck here (without you) and it's driving
me crazy. feb. seems such a long way off...
the good news is life is full of good things and surprises and you
entering (re-entering) my life ranks up there bigtime. i guess
it just goes to show how much can change in such a short time span.
we have something to look forward to and that always makes me feel
better.(just wish i wasnt stuck hereLOL).
we can thank sgt. for the net use, (they still dont have internet cafe here yet).
love your letters babe (have you recieved all of mine?) the guys were with
me when i opened your packages and freaked out at the length of the
letters LOL! i'm so happy (no one else gets letters like thatLOL!)
i love the snacks, nothing but crap food at the PX (i only buy cokes
and smokes) well, i'll sign off for now.i want to check the news groups
for things (see, i'm always hoping we'll go home early). i wish the
administration would get off thier arses and get some of us home
(it's all anybody thinks about no matter what your politics).
love you babe...love...m
ps i'll write another letter tomorrow (instead of
e-mail) so i can take my time, etc...

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