Saturday, July 05, 2003

july 4th,2003
subject: independence day
greetings babe! we can't get the digital cams to work
(but something will developLOL!) got to meet arnold
schwarzenegger today! he visited the camp palace and i
got to take lots of pictures. also got my picture taken
with him. the unit will post it on a website so you can
have that photo as soon as i get the web address.
the dates you mentioned sound perfect. we might as well start
planning, thinking of things to do. i need a break and this will be perfect.
i can rest up during the holidays, and do the*** thing
until you arrive. i've also put a lot of money aside
so there's no financial limit to what we can do though
i'm sure we'd enjoy each other's company even if
we were broke!LOL! i'm going to bring my camera up here
tomorrow and we'll see if maybe we can get some pics to you.
sgt. thinks maybe the problem is with his computer, we'll see.
not much to write about from this end babe, i had a day off.
everyday seems the same here (boring, hot and dry). i am
starting to learn some arabic. but i was hoping i wouldn't
be here long enough to learn itLOL! one of my iraqi friends
quit his job the other day.that sucks because not many
of the guys we escort speak very good english.
i'll get back with you tomorrow nite, you're always on my mind
now which might not be such a good thing due to the
fact we are apart so long!LOL! love you babe...

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