Saturday, July 05, 2003

july 4th,2003
subject:can't stay away
hey babe! you can send all the mail
you want to this account.there's no spam
and sgt.'s pc is pretty fast.i've no problem
getting to use it, there's no one here now.
no matter what happens i will be home for the holidays.
and we need at least one month to "demobe". lets make
plans for this winter. i'm so into it i have so much
to look forward to when i get home! i bought a digital camera
we'll see if we can get it going. sgt. is gonna buy one too.
they just got in. i thought it would be cool to
send you some pics, maybe a short time movie.
like i said my plans this winter are simple. take a break
when i get home, do things with you when you visit
(we can work out the details later). if youre serious
about visiting i will put my life 'on hold for you'.
i'll write tomorrow or the next day (its a long walk
up here to HQ from my barracks LOL). you should go ahead
and make some plans and get back to me (ie. your work,
florida trip, etc.) give me some feedback babe!
love ya babe. miss you...love, m

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