Saturday, July 12, 2003

subject:how are you sweet one?
hey babe! did you get the photos? the arnie pics
didnt load onto the floppy (shit)..
your plans sound great, i'll motor to ***,***,
and florida and we'll fit a train ride in there
somewhere. how long can you stay? we can make a schedule
later but at least we have something to go on. i havent got
any mail in weeks, same with most of the other guys. some
get mail but most of us havent recieved a thing in a month or two.
the outgoing mail seems to be working .
it's pretty boring here at the time being. things are improving.
we have a new chow hall and the swimming pools are open.
they say there will soon be internet but it hasnt happened yet.
i'm going to check out your photos sweet one! if i have time i'll
get back to you this evening. it's tough sometimes. the net
is so unreliable (it's been down the last couple times i walked
up here)...i'll be back...love...m

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