Wednesday, July 02, 2003

july1,2003 (e-mail)
subject: i love you!
hey babe! it's a small world after all,
i'm sitting here with a sgt.p, says you
contacted him via e-mail about reaching me
over here and he only had to walk 25 feet
to find me LOL! he says i can use his pc from
time to time so i will try to stay in touch!
they haven't got any internet to our unit yet
but it may be crowded if they do. i've sent you several
letters, hoped you recieved them. i'm looking at some
time in november for getting home, so anytime you can
visit after that would be cool. i'm thinking some time in
florida would be cool,maybe on a sailboat. i know you have
work to do there, but maybe there will be time for other
things LOL! i'll get back to you before i depart for the
evening. going to check the rest of my mail.. love you babe

july1,2003 (e-mail)
subject: i love you!
i'm still here, thought you would be home!
it's a small world. i don't think he ever thought
he would find me that fast. we stand guard duty
near here at the HQ. there are rumors that we are going home
in august (cross your fingers!) thanks for always being there.
i have a chance to go to the market so i hope we don't leave
too soon LOL! i got something in mind for your birthday
gift. sgt. p says hello. i'll get back to you more now
that i have a pc to use! love ya babe...m

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