Saturday, July 12, 2003

subject:how are you sweet one?
hey babe! i just got your packages! i mean just now!
i left for chow and to visit sgt. so i still have your letters
to look forward to before i go to bed tonight. and i'll read them
twice like i always do. you have no idea how warm
your words make me feel! i can't believe i found you again
(or vice-versa) i'm glad you are in my life again.
mid*** sounds great! i won't be here any later than***
(as per orders) and that will give me time to***.
only a few friends are writing still and i will keep a low
profile until you arrive. i've so much to do when i return
(like having a life again!) you will be there for my birthday.
two months sounds great! we'll have plenty of time together.
you already know how i feel about being together forever,
i'm into that bigtime but i'm mr. flexible (i've never been one to
worry or read into things) any amount of time i could get with you
would be cool and we'll make the best of it. i'm trying to
keep up on the news but it's not easy even with the use of sgt's
pc. it's hard to get away from the army life to surf the net.
i sure miss the palace and being with the special operations
people, (we had it made!) we're just 'grunts' here, infantry that the
v corps just uses for dirty work. we may be the only infantry
here, i don't know. i think this place is aging me! i've got to get
home again! believe it or not i can stay in better shape at home!
i'm going to sign off for now babe, (i want to check the news some)
love you babe (can't believe you are still here with me) in mind and
soul... anyway...love you babe...
p.s. i love the beads you sent! i'll carry them everywhere (can't wear them,
i'm afraid they will break) love...m

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