Tuesday, July 22, 2003

e-mail (edited)
greetings from baghdad babe! all is calm here,
i keep hearing things on the news but nothing is happening
here, not even a gunshot. i went to the bazaar today,
kind of pricey and most of the stuff you can find in the states.
anyway, i count the days till we can be together (months!)
we are scheduled to go home*** i hope all is well with you.
i'm writing more letters as well, (i can take my time).
morale among the guys only gets worse here,
(everyone wants to go home!) bush and rumsfeld are the most
hated men on earth around here now, i dont see how he can get
re-elected now, (they are so hated!) anyway, i will write more later.
nothing much to say except i long for the day we can be together.
oh yeah, got to explore an old chem lab, (no WMD's of course)
but it was fun pouring acid on stuff and watching it burnLOL!
anyway, love you babe...love...m

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