Thursday, July 10, 2003

subject: worried
hey babe!
yeah, i know , i feel the same way. i keep thinking
about when we can be together.it's the only thing on
my mind now and it just might be what keeps me sane
in this hellhole...
not to worry, no one shoots at me. i do make trips to
baghdad and the airport from time to time but it's
always calm.
we sure won't get bored next year with so little time to
do so much. of course we have to spend some time
in btown and we have to deal with your work but florida
interests me the most simply because of the weather
and the ocean. (so many things a couple can do together.)
i find myself thinking of you all the time now but at first
i tried to distract myself just to avoid the pain of
not being with you. anyway, i'm worried now i'll lose
this connection so i'll send now and maybe write you
a letter later. take care love, be safe yourself...love...m...

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