Wednesday, July 09, 2003

june 20,2003
(snail mail)
dearest love!
greetings from sunny iraq! it's just too bad it takes a
month to recieve this letter. i feel like anything i say
is oddly outdated. the phones and internet are
unreliable as hell here. i got to read some of your
messages the other day but couldn't reply because
i kept getting disconnected. the phones are turned off
because 'general franks' is in the area. i wonder what
they would do to me if i 'flipped him the bird' should he
happen by my guard post? i blame him (or people like him)
for keeping us here. we sit here now talking about throwing
eggs at his convoy. i'd like to have that escort duty though,
i'd tell him just what i think about his 'screwed up' little
war. anyway, we are stuck here in baghdad until the end of
july and then we will go somewhere else (they won't tell us where).
we are treated like mushrooms (they keep us in the dark
and feed us shit). find enclosed a coin. i'm afraid thats all
this poor foot soldier has to send to you. i can't get away from
post to buy anything. i'd have to have an iraqi
mail it anyway, they won't let us send anything 'iraqi' home
from here (though i am sure other soldiers get to send things
home). i'm on 'escort duty' for the time being so maybe i'll figure
something out, you have a birthday gift coming and i wanted to
shop for that. i also can't get you off my mind wondering
if we'll ever get to see each other. i had another dream
about you but like the last dream, i never found you.
i don't know when we can meet now. i read an article
in the stars and stripes about our unit. it said we can expect
a year or more of duty here (this is only month five!) sucks, eh?
they won't even let us take leave or R&R. (even in the marines
i got R&R!) oh well, i don't mean to be such a downer babe,
it is just that i love and miss you bad...m LOVE!

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