Tuesday, July 01, 2003

june 5,2003 ( a"fast"snailmail)
dearest love!
i get to sit down and write you a letter! I hope by the
time this letter reaches you i have contacted you by
e-mail or phone (or better yet, i am at home!) we have
gone from living in a palace, (complete with e-mail and
swimming pool) to living in a dusty old warehouse with no lights
or running water. it's back to the real army now, complete with mp
and kp duty. that's why i could never tell you what i was doing before.
we were attached to the special forces who were attached to
special operations. they are the 'spooks and kooks' of the service.
we were involved with the war before it was a war so they were very
strict about what we could say and not say.
anyway, i have tried to reach you by phone but with no luck, i haven't
been able to reach a live operator who can connect me to your number.
i got lucky the one time i could reach you because the operator was willing
to plug in the numbers until they worked.*** did not charge me for that call.
but no luck getting an operator to try that again.
everyone here now wants to go home real bad. six months is long enough
for reserve soldiers. we all feel that way, (there is a lot of guard and
reserves here) but no one knows when they are going home....
i guessed we would be here about six months and that would mean
you would recieve this letter when i am at home (i pray). if not,
i'm skrewed. i don't know what's up with the army but they are keeping the
people here in baghdad a lot longer than anyone ever thought they would.
even the 3rd infantry div. is still here and they were the first to arrive.
the tv news said they were to go home... not so. (they are not very happy)
we are getting some better treatment, which helps. they brought in two
huge air conditioners, complete with generators to cool our 'warehouse' and they
put windows in. they are also going to open the swimming pools near here,
but with all that, people still want to go home.
they are trying to make it better for us but 'there is no place like home'...
i had hoped you could make it stateside for the holidays but in the event i am stuck
here,i suppose next summer would be best. yes, i can help you move your stuff!
not a problem! i would like to take the time to do that and i will have my own truck
(or we could rent one). i don't expect to be paid but you can foot the bill if
you like for (lodging and a meal or two, etc.). i have room for your stuff where
my things are stored, and your stuff would be safe if i got my own place.
i will be available for you...
i am kicking around the idea of going to grad school or getting a 'real' job,
but i plan to hang out in btown for awhile and just do my own thing. raise
a puppy, fix up my sailboat, work at the ***, ride my horse, listen to my stereo,
and get wasted a lot.LOL! after this, i'll never take life for granted or complain
about things again. nothing can prepare you for what happens here.
i'll have photos to share with you, the best way to describe what was happening with
me. i do hope you visit, that would mean so much to me, i don't expect
a relationship or*** but spending time together and just holding hands would be cool.
i have my own way of doing things so i'm sure you'll understand.
i doubt i will be seeing anyone, in the near future anyway. i'm sure someone
will 'pop up' but it is not a priority at this point in my life. even in the event
that i might have a girlfriend when you visit i will spend the time with you
because it is only fair. you are leaving the company of your mate to
spend time with me (as a very close and 'dear' friend) so the least i
could do is spend time away from a girlfriend. i don't like keeping things from
people but this meeting could be justified simply by our relationship. i wouldn't
worry a girlfriend any so i could just lie of course (lie lie lie)LOL!
they still don't have the lights working here so i am writing by the light of a flashlight.
someone said we must be going home (or leaving) because they are
'fixing up' the place. we just recieved a new refridgerator/cooler and microwave
as i write. someone just stopped by my bunk and said there is a rumor floating around
that flights are being booked for us. some one else just brought dinner to me, i've got
some good friends here, i'll sure miss them if we do go home.
some of the guys saw your photos posted above my bunk here.
they said it looks like you got a boob job,LOL! i said your not the type
but i would ask LOL! ( poster's note: these guys need to go home bad, they are
seeing mirages!!!LOL) anyway, you look awesome and i would be proud to have
you as my own. i've had such strong feelings for you (for decades!)
i can't believe we never got together since high school. I'll write more
later but i'm being forced into a chess game. we don't have a lot of free
time so i spent the evening writing letters. c's mom writes as well.
c writes too so i wanted to get these letters out! i sure miss my e-mail
and i always make a point to answer yours first! you are the main
reason this tour has been easier for me, staying in touch with
you has made it easier... well, i will sign off now, love you dearly!
(love you babe)... m
p.s. your package just arrived. thanks! (it has been a good day)

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