Friday, August 15, 2003

august 15,2003
e-mail subject: together forever!
hey babe! i could have written the same letter!
how odd about the girlfriend thing! i was just telling a friend
through snailmail that i'd found more than just a girlfriend.
(no doubt she will tell the others). she is one of the few people besides you
that writes. you'll have to meet her and her boyfriend. they are such
the old hippy types. i am waiting on word about the new*** thing
(is S going to open a new one, let us work at the old one, let me run
the place, etc.) i am so happy just to be able to touch bases with you!
like i said before, despite the fact that i live in hell now,
so many great things have happened to me! number one,
i got together with you! i finished my college degree, gots ma teeths fixed!LOL!
i recieved my combat infantry award, (something i have wanted since
i was a kid, i know it sounds silly). the *** rumor may be real, another
has surfaced that it could be earlier. if they cancel the germany leave
i may not be so sad (hint hint!) if i do go, i will e-mail you everyday
(unless i get too drunk!) by the way, when we first meet again,
we will drink some beers together! it will be hard for us to make real
plans until i know for sure when i am going home but some general
plans you can make though. (you know you are through with
your contract in***in*** but dont be afraid to make plans for us!)
i think of you all the time (too much!) let me know when you recieve
more snailmail. maybe i shouldnt tell you this but your bracelet comes
with charms...(they just havent arrived yet!) like you i am so ready
for the forever thing. i've waited my whole friggin life for this! thank
goodness (god, goats whatever) we met again after all these years!
i knew there had to be someone out there i was attracted to that would
be the one for me! now all we have to do is survive the next ***months
(unless you can leave before***LOL!) i better send this in case the
crazy net goes down (been dead for nights or the pc's simply wont work
right.) love you babe! i belong to you now and thats such a cool feeling!
love you babe...love...m

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