Saturday, August 16, 2003

august 15,2003
you know i feel the same way you do! we think alike!
i had a 'run in' with a colonel the other day (over a broken
water pipe!) looks like i may win this one! right in front
of my co-workers and an iraqi friend he said," i wish all iraqis
would be shot!" im not letting that one slide. if the military doesnt
doesnt get him, i may have my own plansLOL!
things sure are hot here but it looks more and more like
we are homeward bound***! i so look forward to meeting your
family. i'm an ocean person too so no problem there! i do
want our own place though it does not have to be a box
(or a palace either!) we do like the same artwork so
no issue there!LOL! how i long to be with you, i think
both of our lives will be so much better (is that selfish?)
we've work to do at first i suppose (ie, getting your things,
meeting people and telling them of our plans). you can meet***
she is the only one in my family i talk to but i have close
friends who are like family (remember i live in a 'hip'
college town!) i look forward to being in a 'room' alone
with you as well! guess we better plan a little vacation
before we do anything. i will call from germany
(if i go) and i will e-mail everyday from a cafe.
im so glad you got my charms. (they represent parts of
your life, etc.) well, its getting hot in the tent here babe!
im going to try to pull some strings with some iraqis
to get some AC out here, these people have been so
good to me letting me use thier pc's! i'll write back...
love you ...babe...(its so cool being yours now!) love...m

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