Sunday, August 17, 2003

august 17,2003 1:07am
i wont volunteer babe! youre way too important to me!
consider me your husband please! (i've never felt a stronger bond!)
and god how i lust after you! you are such my type, there is no doubt
this will work! it is so nice to be able to talk to you again. i was afraid
i would have another stupid meeting. i hope you dont mind if i
use you as an excuse (i cant talk to her any other time, yadi yadi yadi!)
the weather is getting better and rumors are going around that we may
be going home earlier than planned. ( we are attached to the ***).
ask sgt. about them, they have been here the longest. the special forces
we were attached to have all gone home or other places.it's just not fair!
tell sgt. hi for me and that when i get time i will stop by. tell him thanks
for letting me use his pc but that i have a whole room of them now.
we'll make our plans soon. (god i want you here and now bad!)
must be something in the food, (i'm so... you know...) i better stop before
i go too far! love you big time! better go, shower, (no AC in this tentLOL)
p.s. they want to keep me in the reserves by offering me a job like sgt.'s
"imagine m., your own trailor!", they said to me. i'll think about it but
remember babe, we are a team and you have a say as well. anyway,
we'll talk later. love you...m

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