Monday, August 18, 2003

august 2,2003
greetings my love! too bad i dont have the e-mail
thing anymore, it was such a hassle anyway. we have
our big screen tv (cable) working now but all the guys want to watch
is porno.it sucks (no pun intended!) i just cant get turned on watching
some other guys dick go in and out!LOL! maybe i could
watch some girls getting it on, but not the guys!
please excuse my sloppy penmanship and spelling.
i found some*** and i'll keep looking for anything
that will make me feel better. c. was supposed to send some
more packages to me but they never made it. she may have
lied to me, she has a habit of doing that. anyway, i have cut
my payments down to ***a month.i think thats more than fair,
i'm tired of paying for her poor spending habits! it looks like
i may have my germany leave approved (i cant wait!)
no whores, i promise, just some good time in the clubs.
i speak enough german to get by, 'was machen sie heuta abend?'
(what are you doing tonight?LOL) and i have some friends who live
there so i should be okay. we have about a week's leave. i've never
been before so i'm really looking forward to going.
they just turned the lights out in the barracks so they could see
thier porno better. there's a big difference between officers and enlisted
men for sure. enlisted men only talk about sex and sports, the officers
talk more about politics and world affairs. don't get me wrong, there
are some cool guys in my unit but being one of the only ones with
a college degree i feel out of place sometimes. ( i could care less about
nascar and tits.) i really wish i was an officer again, i would be in a better
class of people, for sure! anyway, my thoughts are on you these days.
i cant wait till ***. i cant wait to get out of this hellhole. the patrols
and checkpoint duty are getting on my nerves (so is the heat!) sure
miss you big time...love ya babe!...love...m

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