Sunday, August 24, 2003

august 24,2003
now i cant get my military mail to open! these computers
are crazy (lucky to have it though, these people treat
me like one of thier own). getting a lot of congrats
on the fire fight, dont know why shooting at trees would be so
important!LOL i love you so much but i dont want to say that
over and over again, i'm afraid the stupid net will go down
at any time (the military mail must be filling up!)
i think about you everyday now and count the months
(months!?!) till we will be together. i have so much to
talk to you about but i'll save it for snailmail. (snailmail
only takes about eight days to the states but almost a month
to you. well, i'll try my mil. account, if i can get through
i will write more. love the girl i've had a crush on for the
longest time! cant believe we are together (sort of via
an ocean or two lol!) love...m

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