Sunday, August 10, 2003

the answer is yes! to ***(i need you).
you should have got a ring and a necklace too. i have
a new connection. these guys are great. remember the connection
here is bad and i could lose it any minute.
sgt. puts his stuff on disk then sends it when the net is up
so no problem. i think that's why he didnt like me using all his time.
the net may be only up a few hours a day. i will write back
(want to make sure this sends) remember some nights
i wont be able to write even though i am trying.
love you...m

same night...
hey babe! i love you all the same you know that
by now. let me know if you recieved the necklace and ring.
i'll write more later i am afraid of losing this connection.
(you have gobs of snailmail on the way love) love...m

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