Thursday, August 21, 2003

whoa! some serious problems with the mail!
i havent recieved any mail in over a month now!
the last mail i recieved was from you, months late.
i have no idea what is going on but i was hoping
we could use snail mail more to communicate.
i do check my e-mail from time to time so be sure to
include anything important in the subject line in case
i dont have time to open your mail.
some of the pc's are so slow it may take 10 or 20
minutes to open a letter. i can delete spam (and there
is less now) but that can take a while as well. none of c.'s
packages have made it at all! i believe she may be lying
to me about sending mail at all. the post office said they would
contact me if there is a problem with a package.
i have sent you a number of letters containing gifts
so be sure to e-mail if you recieve and use the subject line!
anyway, it looks like we may get to go home in ***!
the public is raising hell at home! the u.s. is really
fucking things up over here and a lot of the troops
are expressing thier views in public. (especially the
3rd infantry division who is really getting screwed).
a lot of troops are talking quitting and not coming back.
it's a shame, i may quit with only a few years to retire
but i can't risk another deployment like this one.
well, hope you get this letter, like i said, i don't know
what's wrong. the phone and e-mail service is really
bad here so we need the mail. i hope all is well with you!
you know you are on my mind all the time and i am
really hoping for a future with you in my life.
i've never been that way (really!) but something
about you really gets to me!
well, i hope this letter makes it, you know i can't wait to see you...

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