Wednesday, August 27, 2003

hello my dearest love,
once again i wanted to send you an e-mail but the
net was down! what i really want to do now is hold you in my
arms. what i really want to know is if my snailmail is getting
to you! without e-mail i have no way of knowing. for sgt. it is
no problem. he puts his stuff on floppy and then uploads it
when the net is running. he can record his messages as well,
then read them and send them later. i have no such luxury
but i may try to set the pc up i'm using to do that. i don't want
to use up his time, the net is so unreliable.
things are going badly in iraq now. the u.s. is making a big mess
of things. my iraqi friends tell me that in basra (and in baghdad)
there is little or no water or power. some people are in a state
of riot. i hope they don't use that as an excuse to keep us here.
if they do, i may throw some rocks myself (and the iraqi people
will not be my target!) youre always in my thoughts now, i do
hope you want to come and stay with me. its hard to ask that of
you considering you have been married so long, i do see that as a
good sign, you would make a great wife and best friend. i just
wish you were here for me to hold you, somehow, i think that
is what you need. keep sending the e-mail, i will try every night
to open your mail and not a single day goes by when i dont
think of you! thank god you're back in my life! wish we were together!
love..m p.s. i recieved my combat infantry award the other day and
my college degree is now printed and on the way! love you babe...m

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