Saturday, August 16, 2003

august15 ,2003
you know i am so hip to the married thing!
i'd marry you in a heartbeat! (military talkLOL!)
i'm not letting another good one get away from
me again(i hope that doesnt sound bad!LOL)
this will be short (the net being so flaky and all)
love you so much babe! you are on my mind
so much now and i talk to the guys about you
maybe a little too much! your stuff is all over my walls,
god how i wish we were together but people have survived
this sort of thing before (i'm sure we will!) i'm
the lucky one to have you after all these years.
god, how i lusted after you in high school and you
are the same person today, you are so pretty!
well, better get off before the net gets flaky again.
hope this text makes it! love you big time!...m

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