Friday, August 22, 2003

of course i'll marry you! looks like we will have to wait
till i get home and we can IM and talk on the phone
to make real plans. i'm sure you already have ideas,
i.e., what to bring home, how to ***. bring art work,
(there's always room for that). gave your toys to some
iraqi children today, hope you dont mind ((note:of course not!
that is why i sent toys!)) they have so little.
i dont want to scare you babe, but i got in a fire fight today.
we were escorting some trucks when we heard gunfire. i went
forward to check it out (its my job) when i was fired on.
another soldier came forward and we returned fire and the
bad guys left. i remember what you said about being safe
babe, so i will keep that in mind, i promise! i want to see you so
bad (that means i have to be aliveLOL!) because of you i will
take no risks, i promise! start saving some coins that are***
if you can. i always save coins from countries i visit but i
never brought any back from there for some reason.
i may not be able to e-mail for a while due to the fact
the net is so messed up, not because i am on a mission.
it takes a long time logging on to the military account,
another reason i didnt want to bother sgt. w/his pc.
just be patient, i'm writing more snailmail as well.
i'm turning down any missions as i promised! i better
get off here babe, i'm afraid this net may go down.
better send now...love you babe...m

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