Wednesday, August 27, 2003

august26,2003 e-mail
of course i'm yours! nothing could change that now, nothing!
i hope that doesnt sound corny but i mean what i say, that is,
what you see (read) is what you get!lol! i'm not rich or big
or strong but i am yours. everything i have said to you is the
truth and when we grow together you will learn i am such
a horrible liar. i'm just not very good at lying, and if that
is the reason i'm not rich, then so be it. again another short
letter my lass, i'm wanted at another meeting but the net
is fast tonight so i will make it. yes, j. knows where i am
but i have not heard from her in a while and am somewhat
worried about her. i am sure the rest of the family knows by now.
she will be the only family member to attend the wedding
unless you say otherwise. c. wants to help with the reception.
we can look over these ideas later, it doesnt have to be costly.
i also have a very amusing story to tell you about, (i will explain later)
it involves a little revenge on a very mean sgt.LOL! i better go
ahead and sign off here, there is so much i want to say (and do to you!)
i'll just have to wait to get back to the net (and you get home!)
i also want to get some snailmail out to you. i think of you so much
now it drives me crazy. most of the guys know i am getting married.
i cant believe it has been so long and i cant believe its you i'm with!
such an interesting world, (i knew there was a reason i stayed single)
love you babe, better sign out, i hate being in a rush, that is why no
matter what happens, when you get stateside we should plan some lazy
down time togetherLOL! love...m

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