Tuesday, August 19, 2003

august4,2003 snailmail
hey love!
just a kwik note to let you know i'm thinking of you.
i'm looking for a new internet connection, maybe
by the time this letter reaches you i will have found one.
sgt's connection was too unreliable. the net goes down or you
lose all your text. he is also a blogger and a chat room person
and that sort of thing is addictive. my thing is surfing. i hit the news
groups and news articles looking for information of value.
(i have little time for 'chit-chat', get a life people!) anyway,
maybe by the time this reaches you i will have internet again.
in this infantry unit, we patrol and provide security for the place,
run patrols (in the 116 degree heat!) and man the checkpoints.
i do have contact with the enemy from time to time but mostly
i just wave at them. if they dont point a weapon at me, i dont
respond. some of the guys i work with are pretty cruel. they will
shoot at anything that moves which includes dogs, cats, and birds.
i dont understand it but i guess some of the creatures are better off dead,
around here anyway (most are strays). if someone shot my dog
i must admit, i'd have to kill them.(i dont have a pet here but feed
some stray cats from time to time, i dont want them to get used to
people). that may be one reason i am not opposed to war. getting
rid of people on a mass scale just does not bother me like maybe it should.
by the way, we are going to***, it is just a matter of time. i think
*** is going to get the ***. they are now massing***in***,
preparing for an attack. thanks to clinton, this information they cant
keep from the public, with my sat. radio and internet i can get info from
anywhere in the world. this is something the good ole republicans
tried to block. unless they jam shortwave radio, they cant stop that either.
anyway, on the lighter side of things i am sure looking forward to
our meeting, working and playing together. we will make the best of
our time no matter how long you stay (forever i hope!) i should be
home and settled by the time you arrive. i sure live for the day we
can be together. it does give me something to look forward to.
start thinking of things you want to do. we'll plan later. i'm starting
some investments in precious metals while the price is low,
(with bush in office tearing everything out of the ground the prices
will be low but eventually supply will run low and metals like gold and
silver will go up. well, they have turned the lights out, so better
retire for the night. my iraqi friends say 'hi'. i hope you keep me in your heart
and remember i am thinking of you all the time! love you babe!...m

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