Wednesday, August 27, 2003

august9,2003 snailmail
hey babe,
your letters are right on the money, i feel the same way
you do! by the way, i am the kind of guy who loves to hold hands,
you'll never have a problem with me (being close). i love your
letters to me, you dont know how much they mean to me.
you will get lots of snailmail from me now that i am not using
the e-mail regularly ( i'll still get a message out to you from
time to time but remember i'm using someone else's pc.)
they are talking*** about going home so i hope it sticks.
you'll have to excuse my penmanship and spelling, i'm***
the iraqis give*** to me, they know how miserable i am here.
they are really good people. it's too bad the army doesnt
know what the fuck they are doing. some people in my unit
might hate me next month, i wrote a letter to the editor of***
comparing the u.s. to nazi germany. i was told it would probably
be printed. a guy from my bat. (who has never even been in combat)
wrote a letter calling the democrats the 'enemy' because they
didnt support the war. to make a long story short,
i reminded him that my ancestors founded this nation,
(both my grandmothers were D.A.R.) and that after serving
in the marine corps and army airborne (as an officer)
i did not like the idea of being called the 'enemy'. i also mentioned
the constitution,democracy and two party system. i also reminded
him that while he was living it up in kuwait, i am patroling
the streets of baghdad (i'm infantry now, not a pogue!) he
sounded like hitler!
you dont have to worry about me not liking you, i've fallen for
you big time! i know we like the same sort of things and can spend
a lot of time together. yes, i've always liked the tomboy types,
who knows why but if you like to wrestle, ride horses, hike or
sail a boat you'll always be tops in my book! i also enjoy growing
things and cooking so i know there are things you like to do
that i will enjoy as well. i would never complain about you drinking
beer and if you are sick i will lie in the bed with you. i am the kind of
guy who is attached to his girl. well, better sign off babe, ***
is kicking in! love...m...love you babe!!!

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