Friday, August 15, 2003

july 15,2003 snailmail
greetings babe! hey love! you know i just have to
sit down and write you a letter (after all the letters you sent me).
there are some things that cant be said in e-mail and i often
sit and talk politics with sgt. when i check my mail,
so there are distractions. being infantry, the guys do make fun of
the soldiers like sgt. they call them 'pogues' and dont respect
them because it often seems they have it so easy (ie, sgt. works
in a trailor, complete with a.c., internet, sat.t.v., phone, microwave, etc,).
anyway, find enclosed another 'trinket' (charm?) for your
necklace. i found it on the palace floor (who knows, maybe it
belongs to one of saddams concubinesLOL!) but i doubt it.
i did make it to some markets but i need to go when i have
more time, its not easy getting a ride around here, everyone is
afraid of being shot. i worry more about being run over!
these damn pogues and hajis with thier vehiclesLOL!
i did find some silver 'saddam' medals. they cost me***
for two but i figure that as a bargain. im looking at 'stuff'
or things for my safe deposit box at the bank. i am looking at retirement
at this time so i am beginning to invest that way. i guess i am starting late,
(but better late than never). im also going to do the e-bay thing when
i get home. c. and others have a multitude of junk to get rid of).
im going to try to avoid spending alot of money when i get home
but there are some things i have to have like an suv and a play station(LOL).
i want to put some money aside for our time together as well.
ive got some minor dental issues but my ins. should cover most of that.
anyway, it should work out, i have been pretty thrifty the last couple of years.
i hope you know whatever you want when you get here is fine with me.
we have so much to look forward to! i hope you know that i want to do
whatever it is you want to do. in other words, make whatever plans you like,
im with you. you know i consider myself very lucky! imagine meeting you after
all these years (i still remember the day you 'popped' in my mailbox).
the first thing i wanted to tell you was that i had a crush on you big time.
youre so pretty. i remember the years after that, thinking
of you from time to time. my idea of pretty is you and if you see some
of my ex-girlfriends, you will see. it is really fate you know, i had
just broken up with p. before you e-mailed. i thought that maybe
m. was hanging around with thoughts of getting back together again
but luck prevented that (once burned, twice shyLOL!) we had just started
talking online and i found i just didnt care about a relationship at the time.
m. called the house several times but i never returned her calls,
maybe meeting you again had something to do with that, who knows?
im always hoping you will come here forever but i know fate works
in many ways, i will have no objections to anything you want to
do, you can count on it! it is funny though that you worry about
earning a living here. would probably be easier doing that here
than in ***. you have options if you live in ***, a typical
college town. theres always the ***. my friend is thinking of opening
a second one and i might get to run that (i have no idea what the pay
is but i made *** working as an employee. i might stay in the reserves
because i want the retirement benefits (ill retire as an officer
because that is the highest rank i held) but im not sure i want to
run the risk of being deployed again (esp.if we are together!)
i thought about going to bosnia, that happens in ***.
anyway, i never liked dwelling on money issues, i guess
that is why i avoided my family and career like the plague.
i have it made and i live pretty good (except when i am deployed
to war!LOL!) so i never saw the need to settle down, so to speak.
i think its a blessing i never had children and you must feel the same
way (((posters note: yes, i do...wanderers are meant to help other
peoples kids )))
you ended up in***. i think that is so cool. it takes
a lot to make a move like that. back in '83 when i was stationed
in ***, i had a girlfriend from ***. she told me how hard it was to
make it in another country. i felt sorry for some of her friends who
didnt speak english very well, it could be hard to get by!
anyway, i am slowly picking up some arabic here. i have a translator
(computer type) on the way. i figured it would be worth it as im
spending a lot of time with iraqis here. i'll be here until*** so i wonder
how much i'll pick up. the mail is still so slow it may
be weeks before i get it. anyway, enough of me and this miserable place.
i often wonder how you are doing. i have dreams about you now
(i didnt at first) but we never get to meet! that is odd
(i hope it isnt an omen). maybe its just because we are apart?
no matter, youre in my dreams and that is important to me!
about our meeting, you know ive had the same fears (ie, too old,
too poor, too crazy, etc..) but i believe in letting nature take its
course. if its meant to be. i have such strong feelings for you
now there is no doubt in my mind and that just makes things
better and better, it makes life better. it keeps me sane
through times like this knowing i will soon be in heaven
in ***with you! well, love, maybe i will bring this letter
to a close and write more later. i so look forward to getting
your letters, ive kept them all (no kidding) i have every
single letter, its like artwork to me babe! love you so much,
ill hang on your every word...love...m

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