Tuesday, August 05, 2003

july 22,2003
snailmail (the fastest one yet!)
greetings babe! another photo, excuse my prose, i'm a little on the
lite side this evening. finally got my head on right. anything to pass the
time here, that's for sure! thinking of you more and more
(wish i was at home thinking of you, somehow seems more real)!
the dumbfucks stateside have decided we need to spend another
three months here (the bastards, let them pull this duty!)
anyway, changes are in the wind, looks like we will have to go out and
look for the bad guys at some point in time, anything to get out from these
palace walls. people are content to sit here but not me, someone has to pay for
my misery and it might as well be some religious zealot. we do make it out
from time to time but no one shoots at us. i guess they target the 'pogues',
they must know that infantry will 'un-ass' thier vehicles and come after them.
i will have a head or two before this is over. i hate religion, i think it is the root
of all the problems in the world and the more of these people we can remove the
better place the world will be to live. sounds harsh, but that's how i feel, kill the bastards!
it sounds harsh i know but try being stuck in this hell hole for months at
a time and you may learn how i feel. only knowing that some day being back to
the states and being with you are the only things that keep me sane!
i am starting to learn my way around and thats great! the iraqis are
really nice people. i am going to get fat, they keep feeding me,
it's nonstop (it's hard to refuse food). things are getting a little better here
but nothing replaces home. you take things for granted, thats for sure.
when we first got here we slept in foxholes and on the floor, we ate from plastic bags
and had to stand 12 hour shifts listening to things 'go boom' in the night.
things are a little better, we are out of the foxholes.
at least we have windows in our billets and a regular chow hall. people are adjusting
but i just dont see how when the temp. reaches 116 in the shade. the pools
here are open but who has the time? i'm lucky if i can make up to HQ
to use the internet. sgt. is a nice enough guy but he's like i
used to be, glued to the keyboard 24-7. he must have a lot to write about
(i dont see how, he doesnt go anywhere?) anyway, there was a short
fire-fight in his billet area some time ago, i chased them away by yelling
at them, didnt have to fire a shot, they left when i threatened to shoot
them. a group of iraqis with guns (they left the area).
but like i said, when we begin to patrol i'm not going to be so nice, i need
some points before i go home. all is really pretty calm here (west of baghdad
near the airport) we dont get much gunfire. anyway, i long for the day when
we can get home, that's where i belong, (not fighting bushes oil war).
bush and rumsfeld suck the big one, they dont have a clue. i fear they are
now setting thier sites on iran. we need to elect a democrat in 2004 or
bush is going to lead us to ruin. i'm placing my money on hillary clinton,
hope she can pull it off (the other demos are too liberal for my tastes).
i hope you are still serious about coming to visit, its all i think about
anymore. if i could just make it back to the states i feel with you by my side
the sky is the limit. i hope you feel the same way. its too bad there are months left
here, but it does give me something to look forward to. well pretty one,
i draw this letter to a close, time to mellow, wipe the hate from my mind
and groove on the doors before *** love you babe...m

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