Saturday, August 09, 2003

snailmail (with a photo and
a gold bracelet!)
greetings my love!
i finally made it to the bazaar but the prices were
high just due the fact that there were a lot of
soldiers there. i dont wear jewelry (except i do have
a nice watch and marine corps ring i wear from
time to time) but i saw this gold item that i just had to
get for you. i hate the way the mail is so slow! when
we are together we will be talking seconds, not weeks!
anyway, i think of you more and more now, almost
every second of the day. its a mean thought but i have
always hoped you would tire of *** and return to the states
to spend time with me. i've never mentioned that before
because thats just the way i am. i'll be happy just to be able to
visit with you and your coming this winter has really made
my little world such a happy place. i have so much going for me
now and getting to visit with you makes it all the better!
like i said before, this winter (and possibly summer) will be real
'down time' for me. i've worked pretty hard the past few years
(truck driving, full-time school and now the military) so i feel like
i need a little 'time off'. i've saved some money so i am sure i can
pull it off. i have so many options now as far as earning a living
goes. with my degree now complete i'm sure i can land a job
but i still have running the coffee shop, driving a truck, or the military
if i need to. it's hard to believe how fast time is going by,
even in this hell hole. rumors surface every month about us going home
but i am sure we will be home by the holidays because our orders
expire then. your time to visit works out well because i will be
'part time' at whatever i am doing, have no girlfriend (except you!LOL)
and always visit florida in the winter. well, sign off now, just wanted
to mail my gift and say i love you...love...m

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