Monday, August 11, 2003

greetings my love!
find enclosed some charms for your bracelet, you may
have to have a jeweler attach them. there are some
strong rumors going around that we may be home as early as ***
so cross your fingers! they are granting us leave and r&r until ***
so things look good. that means we could be
heading home in the month of *** because ***
is the last month we can take leave. i'm planning on going
to germany for my leave (we have a week). i can afford it and i've
never been to germany (except for short trips while flying). i
promise you no whores (LOL)! just some bars, shopping and photographs!
*** and *** are our stops and i know some people there. i also speak
a little deutsche so i should be able to get by okay ( i can find
the bathroom, etc...)
i hope you are still serious about staying with me. i still cant believe
the cutest (prettiest) girl i had a crush on has re-enterd my life!
(this pen i'm using is running out of ink!) i carry your photos
now wherever i go and i am still thinking of things we can do
together when you visit LOL! you can better believe i will give you
the warmest welcome you have ever recieved! i feel like i belong to you
and we have yet to even start a real relationship (which i want so very much!)
(i've switched pens, maybe this one will work better!) remember too
sgt. leaves in *** so i hope the internet cafe is up and running.
all i can think about now is you (and going home!) they are already sending
people (civilians and soldiers) to replace our duties so
things are looking better and better all the time. i do so
look forward to your letters, they are not boring! i cant help but think that you
are the best thing to happen to me (and i cant believe my luck!).
as far as people at home are concerned i now have a girlfriend (maybe thats why
i am not getting any more e-mail LOL!) i hope you feel the same way i
do but i guess only time will tell. i just wish the snailmail wasnt so godamn
slow! i want to hold you in my arms now, not months from now!
i will behave myself in germany (*** is off limitsLOL) the whole company ***
so they are discouraging that. some of the guys are going to kuwait,
what a bore! i've always wanted to go to germany
so there is no option as far as i am concerned. i finally have my arnie pics and
sgt. will set them up on a friends pc so we can send them out. love you babe! you'll be the
first to recieve them, count on it. miss you bad babe, love your letters
(cant believe you stuck with me through all this)... got you on my mind all
the time! love you...love...m

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