Friday, August 08, 2003

may 5th,2003
(this is a record setting delivery...three
months to the day!!! geez!)
(a card with flowers and hummingbirds)
hey babe!
heres a card just to let you know i'm thinking of you always!
it's too bad we cant be together, for events, whatever but
life seems to work that way.
the good news is that by the time this letter reaches you
i may be on the way home. it seems like years we have been here.
the weather suits me fine but i miss all the things i have
going for me at home. i also feel (for some reason) that i
can be closer to you by being at home. i never realized
how good i have it until active duty brought me here to
'semi war'. there is no danger now and the war is over
(people here are so nice) but the hardships continue.
we live in a palace but have yet to get mail, running
water, etc. at least i have you, my latte and the net!

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