Monday, September 01, 2003

august 3,2003 snailmail
greetings babe! going to germany! just in time for
oktoberfest! i am scheduled for the end of the month but
i may pick an earlier date depending on who is on the trip.
sorry about the e-mail thing, i just got sick and tired of
walking up there and find the net was down or sgt. was busy blogging.
i will find a pc soon. i was going to buy a laptop but i'll wait
till i get home. (they have connections for us now). another unit has
pc's we can use but like before, i hate waiting in line and then losing
my text because the connection goes down. i'll mail you from germany,
they have plenty of internet cafes. i'll enjoy some coffee and yahoo w/you!
well, right now i am sitting here waiting to go to work. its a cluster fuck
as usual. we wait for the iraqis we are going to escort and vips
that have to go here and there. like i said, i am fairly safe.
when i see people with guns and rocket launchers i just wave
at themLOL! most iraqis are pretty cool. too bad they are so poor,
seems we could do more for them but we'd rather build bombs we will
never use. my guys are always the last in. i've got to take time
to visit thier homes, i am just so worn out at the end of the day.
i am gaining some weight babe! everwhere you go they offer you
food and even if you dont want to pay for it they want you to eat it anyway.
well, the trucks are starting to roll in, maybe mine is in line, i better break off this
letter for now. i'll write more when i get back...love you babe...m

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