Friday, September 12, 2003

september 12, 2003
i'm here babe, in***. got a buzz on, like you i am stressing
a little trying not to think about having to stay in baghdad
longer (because of reserve/ guard extensions). i'll hang here
for a few days then go to***. i'll try phoning you when i get back
to my room. we'll yahoo tomorrow, i can't get an *** connection
on this pc. i'll keep this e-mail short, only because i downed a couple
beers and have to piss real bad. cant figure out this german
keyboard! ICH SPRECHE KLIENA DEUTCH! will try
yahoo tomorrow...love...m... love you babe, dont get too drunk,
we'll get through this. yes we hit a small bar but i'm exhausted...
ich bin mude! so i'm going to take a shower and sleep and phone you later.
what's the best time to call? your future husband...

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