Tuesday, September 23, 2003

september 23,2003
me too babe! you have gone from girlfriend to fiance to wife and i
just love it! like you, i can wait but lets hope for both our sake the
wait isnt long. i just have to be with you and all this talk of extended tour
is killing me! i dont think they have any thoughts or cares about us over here
to wreck so many lives this way. i have a life (and a wife!) and its time to go home!
they are hurting so many people this way, i just cant understand it!
its changed my outlook on things, life, etc... i think of you day and night
now and i suppose that does not help much (like having a juicy steak just out of reach)
i will wait until i get home before the hatemail goes out. there is just
no excuse what they are doing to us (keeping us here like this). anyway, my
situation is wierd. they have changed my job. ( i can still use the pc at the old
job but times will differ). and they told us we may get a different mission soon.
of course no one knows anything about it. youre so thoughtful to send mail to both
my accounts. on this pc at my friends office/tent, the military account is what i can
get to but at the contracters office i can get the ***account.(your such a smart girl!)
you know now there is another charm on the way (i wont tell you what kind!LOL)
but i have to tell you because i would never want it to fall out or get lost. the charms
represent what we value and like most so we add to it as we go along in life.
they also represent my love for you (LOL! you know that!) well, ive got to run now
(boohoo), i want my old pc back! in my own room, something i dont have to share
(except with you!) i'll get back when i can. love you babe, thanks for sticking
with me (i'll make it up to you a million times!) love you babe...(cant wait to
really be with you!) love...m

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