Wednesday, September 24, 2003

september 24,2003
and you know i love you babe! cant get over it, us
meeting again. the net is real slow tonight, but that figures
(no one is in here using the computers!) may not be able to
e-mail everyday but i will get a message out when i can.
i still have no idea what is going on with our unit but i guess i
will find out soon enough. my schedule keeps changing so that really
throws me as far as getting around goes.
it was so nice to be able to talk to you last week. like you, i
found we really do 'click' and i cant wait to be with you in person!
i keep looking at your photos and youre the same pretty girl
i knew decades ago LOL! you havent changed much (maybe you think so)
and thats something i know about. i have an old photo of you in my album
standing next to ***s car with ***. that was the car she tried to grow
plants in the back window (what a flake!) i just started and now
everyone decides to come in the tent. i guess another letter to my love
cut short. net is so slow, i've got to let someone check thier e-mail.
if it wasnt so slow i could spend more time on my message.
oh well, such is life in the military. we share everything, wait in
line for everything, (the only person i want to wait on is you!)
i cant wait to be home with you. (you will never hear me complain
about anything after this shit LOL!) i waited almost a half hour
in the chowline tonight and then i was so happy to see no one in
here! but no such luck, (the net is 5 to 10 minutes per page!)
love you babe, i cant wait to wait on you, i'll never say hurry up
when you are in the bathroom LOL!like i sed babe, no complaining
after this, ever! well, better run, i want to let someone on the pc
(i'm so nice LOL! maybe i am too nice sometimes but it seems to
work for me.) love you babe, your husband...love...m

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