Saturday, September 27, 2003

september 27, 2003
military e-mail
guess who i spent the afternnon with? drew carey! spent most
of the afternoon walking around the palace and the rest of the post
just talking with him and others from the cast, taking pictures
(he brought his own camera as well). it was sort of low key and there
wasnt a whole lot of people around except for some of the stops we
made. what a cool day!!! gave him my card and told him if he wants
more photos of the troops (or a good hr person) to drop me an
e-mail(LOL!) anyway, the big event of this week was dreaming of
you! you were right by my side when i needed you and it felt so
good! like you, i count the days until we can be together. it can be torture
but i keep telling myself the day will come. yes, cross your fingers
about my home date. it means i will be closer to you even though
you will be in ***. i want everything to be just right for you when you arrive
so i want so badly to get home first. they are cleaning and collecting
gasmasks today so i'm hoping that means they might think (or someone does)
that we might get out of here. anyway, watch the drew carey show and tell
your friends your husband spent time with him in iraq!LOL! he is a very cool
guy and the afternoon turned out great. i got to meet 'mimi' from the show
and she posed for some funny shots so you just have to see those when
you get home (our new home!) drew uses a 35mm camera too and said he just
hasnt made the switch to digital. i'm the same way i guess. i'll buy a good old
fashioned 35mm.(since you already have a good digital camera)
well, better send this, they say the net is going up and down.
thanks for being there for me babe. i love you so much (youre in my dreams
now, we're truly connected) miss you soooo bad...love...m

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