Saturday, September 27, 2003

and i want to be in your arms so bad! ouch, just the pain of
being apart can eat at you! i belong to someone now and its
such a warm feeling. dont forget i'm yours now and it means a lot
to me that you know that. i'm still telling people about us and i'm so proud
to have you by my side. you were/are the prettiest girl i knew in high school
and i never forgot you, never. then we meet again. babe, i just want
you to know youre the greatest and i will "serve and protect" you to the end.
my dreams have come true but i will be happiest when we are together!
i know in my heart this is the big one, my soulmate has arrived after all
these years and you have no idea how happy you have made me feel
and how you have helped me survive this crazy screwed up war.it's
funny, no matter who i talk to, (i talked to both a general and a colonel today)
they all agree with me when it comes to certain things about this war. well,
better send this, ( i have lost so many notes to you because the net went down)
love...m...ps, had a great day off! caught a buzz LOL! slept late, spent most of
the afternoon w/ drew carey and others (see military mail) love you babe
(god i am one lucky dude LOL!)

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